What are you playing? Fall 2019 43Vandy
What's your black Thursday-cyber monday haul? 11ShadowFox08
2 Hours ago
Pokemon Sword/Shield! 7Cetasaurus
3 Hours ago
Which game series which is similar to GTA is your favourite? (Updated) 18Welsh_Gamer
Yesterday Afternoon
My lockpicking puzzle game (playable) 1Xhin
Very Early Yesterday
The Growing Love for Zelda: Majora's Mask vs The Growing Love for Final
Fantasy IX
Very Early Yesterday
so uh... MS just officially revealed their next gen console during the
game awards
(Jet Presto)
Very Early Yesterday
Resident Evil 3 Remake Baby! 5S.O.H.
Need help figuring out a sixth pokemon for my crystal team 9-Riku-
My Unpopular Game Opinion 31Jet Presto
December 5th
Anyone getting Pokemon Sword or Shield Next Week? 16Castrael
(Jet Presto)
December 5th
Has anyone played The Outer Worlds yet? 5-Riku-
December 5th
Anyone really excited about ray tracing next gen? 13ShadowFox08
December 4th
Thoughts on Death Stranding (consider entire post spoilers) 2Cruinn-Annuin
(Jet Presto)
December 2nd
What's your favourite video game where you can play Darts and Why? 5Welsh_Gamer
November 27th
Ever wonder what a "Second Person" videogame would look like? 6ShadowFox08
November 23rd
Hi is there any way I can disable Xbox notifications while watching
Netflix on Xbox One?
(Axem Great Water)
November 21st
Has anyone else played Maplestory in the last few years? 0Axem Great Water
November 21st
I got a Switch Lite! 6Cetasaurus
November 20th
Hi I want to buy Dynasty Warriors 4 but I don't know which version I
should buy
12Mark Barker
(Forte Lambardi (forgot PW))
November 20th

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