Happy 11th birthday, gtx0!

Epuipping Jewels! 2Alan
3 Hours ago
I Present The Game I've Been Working On: Shrine's Legacy 23Laxan
Last Night
Set the Date: Shrine's Legacy Demo Releases October 2nd!!! 4Alan
Yesterday Evening
Fox People? 4Alan
Shrine's Legacy Title Screen Art 8Alan
What Do You Think This Thing Is? 3Alan
Nice Water 2Alan
Discord for Shrine's Legacy! 2Alan
September 16th
Xhin 13Laxan
September 11th
DEMO IS SENT! @Pirate_Ninja, Jet Presto, Xhin, Jo Nathan, Moonray, and
September 10th
Tester's Demo For Our Game Will Be Ready Soon @Pirate_Ninja, Jet Presto,
Jo Nathan, Xhin, Moonray, and mariomguy
September 4th
Strange Seeing Your Company Name on a Check.... 18Laxan
August 5th
Quit My Job on Monday and Opened a Business Bank Account Today 14Laxan
July 26th
Just Registered My Company as an LLC Today 10Laxan
July 14th
Going Ahead With the Kickstarter Campaign For Our Game In Spite of the
(Axem Great Water)
May 30th
My Friend Quit His Job and Is Working On Our Game Full-Time 11Laxan
March 11th

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