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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Movies Watched 2020 78Jet Presto
(Jet Presto)
May 12th
Books Read: 2019 11S.O.H.
April 15th
Gimme your favorite creepypasta. 1Aviatrix
(Grey Echelon)
Songs That Convey A Deep Sense of Loss? 14Aviatrix
Community and Cougar Town. 15tnu
May 21st
Clone Wars season 7 has ended. Here are my thoughts (SPOILERS) 9-Riku-
May 9th
Top 10 films of the Decade? 5S.O.H.
(Jet Presto)
May 5th
Top 10 albums of the decade? 0All At Once
May 4th
Adam Schlessinger of Fountains of Wayne dies from Corona 25Post-Wall Olga
(Crumbling Castle)
May 4th
Wraeththu: gay fanfiction 1gjkadh
May 1st
American Godzilla titles 2Jet Presto
(Post-Wall Olga)
April 28th
Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair, Than the Sage among his Books, For
all the Empires and Kingdoms, The Armies
April 26th
5 OTPs 1-Riku-
April 19th
Marvel Phase 2 Thoughts 7Laxan
April 19th
Comfy YouTubers 156ujujmie6kier
April 9th
Industrial Folk / Folk Punk 0Cetasaurus
March 26th
Metal music is 50 years old. 29x19
(And the band played on)
March 22nd
Country music icon, Kenny Rogers, dead at 81 1Aurelian
(And the band played on)
March 21st
Muy-Pahts or Mu-Pets 10chiarizio
March 14th
"La Fuga", Nero di Marte 0yfhut
March 10th

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