I want to do something for this site's 10th birthday in a month and ten days
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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.
What should I watch tonight? 10Ceta
(Jet Presto)
August 10th
Who’s Larry Craig 2016 2Brandy
August 9th
@EN 0Brandy
August 9th
Xhin update 0Xhin
August 8th
Well I officially stopped chemo today since I want to prepare for my fate
and just die of natural causes
41Weid man
(Fox Forever)
August 8th
In defense of the white male 2Unlimited MGTOW
(Post-Wall Olga)
August 8th
Chalazions affecting my confidence. They have been here for weeks and they
have not disappeared
August 7th
It's as if......... 1IMS2000
August 7th
Who wants to be my friend tonight 46Cetasaurus
(Grey Echelon)
August 6th
I met a lifelong vegan today 2Post-Wall Olga
(Post-Wall Olga)
August 5th
I'm going to try out a keto diet. 31Cruinn-Annuin
August 4th
Well then... 2Locke Bellemir
(Locke Bellemir)
August 3rd
Vegan kids on why they don't exploit animals 1Unlimited MGTOW
(Unlimited MGTOW)
August 3rd
Social rejection (venting post) 10Cetasaurus
July 31st
Funniest gt person 21Brandy
(Fox Forever)
July 29th
Everyone I have an extremely serious important question to ask you
July 26th
Long Time No See 20Shelbai
July 25th
Checking: can I reply to my own posts now? 8chiarizio
July 23rd
Discord? 7Shelbai
(Weid man)
July 23rd
Is the kettlebell the perfect piece of exercise equipment? 0Cruinn-Annuin
July 23rd

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