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The Nostalgia Forum

whats your guys history with gametalk and what are you doing now share your experiences 96 ShadowFox08
(Tek Shmansen)
1 Week ago
What an odd coincidence 12 DogDemonHD
(Anna Lizard)
7 Hours ago
people used to show each other respect here 51 Bloo Shoes
(Toyotomi Hideyoshi )
9 Hours ago
Does anyone remember Ansem The Wise/Ansem The Powerful Sorcerer, Danny711, or DemonDogHD? 9 Cyrus
(Dog DemonHD)
1 Day ago
Xhin & Denida 9 TheRapist
(Tek Shmansen)
4 Days ago
Devil Kiriko 2 Cupola
2 Weeks ago
searching for my past 13 SSWOLF
(Unknown God)
2 Weeks ago
Very old GTX0 footage 1 Riven
3 Weeks ago
does anyone remember me 21 ~*Sapphira*~
1 Month ago
i can smell the nostalgia 3 Inferno35
(uiif too)
2 Months ago
fanfic people lffw 20032005ish etc 0 platinum_GT
2 Months ago
boop 0 Unknown God
2 Months ago
if you remember these ppl i commend you 20 GP-
3 Months ago
i miss this place 3 7 tooie~playa
5 Months ago
i wish someone had told me when i was younger 0 Aviatrix
6 Months ago
good afternoon 4 14 Emerald the Lizard
(Emerald the Lizard)
7 Months ago
man do i miss roleplaying 6 Mist(Kirara1535)
7 Months ago
did anyone used to hang out on the pikmin and advance wars forums 6 Paper Snifit
8 Months ago
what happened to the bandit crew 5 ~WiCkED~
8 Months ago
no one remembers me 30 Mist(Kirara1535)
8 Months ago