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Community Feedback Model

Given the tight-knit nature of the community here, this is the way all future disputes and issues get settled:

  • The community as a whole should be able to weigh in.

  • I also need to weigh in to make sure neither side is going against GTX0's principles. These are codified here: Site Principles, not just randomly decided upon when I disagree with something.

  • Assuming it's valid, the decision should be based on whatever the general consensus is.

  • If it isn't that easy, I'll try to work with both parties to reach a compromise.

  • If an issue is too polarized or no compromise can be reached, then a decision will be made through RNG.

    Site Suggestions

    This model will work for site suggestions as well -- new features really shouldn't impact other members of the site negatively (see: blocking feature) without some discussion first. It's also important that the site doesn't become bloated from excess features -- the community can definitely help prevent that.

    Site suggestions/requests will be getting an infrastructure boost as well, though nothing as stupid as the last way I did that.

    Riven to user feedback

    This model will also work in cases where I'm asking the community for feedback (for example, user blocking).


  • Active disagreements will appear below the quicklinks so users can see current issues easily.

  • There will be a "+ New" in the quicklinks area itself that does what you'd expect.

  • The Disagreements forum will have the disclaimer system attached to it.


    If you care about the site or its future in any capacity, please weigh in on the actual complaints. Decisions made by the community will affect everyone who uses the site, including you. Don't sit by if you feel a particular way.

    If you're more apathetic, there will eventually be an account option to turn off the area of the quicklinks that has disputes in it. With that and not signing the disclaimer, you won't be exposed to anything.