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Aliens Prequel Game?
Posted: Posted August 6th, 2015 by Xhin

I have an idea for a prequel to the Aliens & Robots game I still want to put together (probably will simplify the hell out of it).

This game is pretty simple.


It has been years since humans tried to colonize Planet Euthymius. The aliens have grown fat and dumb and spread across the land. Then one day a signal was picked up -- a new human mothership was coming to Euthymius, this one much bigger and much stronger than anything the aliens have ever seen. The Hive reacted, eating the fat and dumb aliens and joining with the smart and sparse aliens.

Now consolidated, the Hive poured its energy into a few sparse eggs -- when they hatched, these baby aliens must evolve and fight one another, and the winner will be the prototype for a new alien race!


You are an Alien Larva. You're very weak. You have claws and fangs and can kind of crawl around, but can't do much else.

Thanks to the power of the Hive (SERVE THE HIVE FOREVER) you can evolve new abilities and defenses -- unfortunately you are a larva so can only have up to (3) evolutions at a time.

When you want to evolve, you can do one of the following:

  • Evolve some kind of non-defensive ability or superpower (ex -- breathe fire). You can evolve something random if you want.

  • Create a defense against a superpower you've seen. (ex -- fire resistance)

  • Evolve a defense so that the attacker ends up hurting *themselves* instead (ex -- a mirror that bounces fire back onto the attacker).

    Here's another example:
    A. (Attack) Evolve the ability to Teleport
    B. (Defense) Evolve the ability to sense teleportation vectors
    C. (Evolved) Evolve the ability to redirect teleportations to your whim.


    You have three action slots. You can use these for evolving (make sure to specify which ability you want to replace), attacking, or other adventure-type stuff. Limit one evolution or attack per slot.

    Rooms and Items

    The Hive dreams deeply, learning how to emulate humans. What it dreams of occasionally appears in your Egg Sac home. You'll see items and things from other games. You can use them to your advantage.

    Usually the Egg Sac will be a single room, but occasionally it will split into a few that you can move between for more localized battles.

    Survive, kill the other players, and become the Motherbeast that Hive always wanted.

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