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Minigame 4 - Vehicular Manslaughter (FFA) - Sign Up Thread
Posted: Posted June 2nd, 2015
Edited June 2nd, 2015 by Count Dooku

Minigame 4 - Vehicular Manslaughter - Free-For-All Combat

Game Start: June 8th (Tentative)

  • Heavily combat focused
  • Build a custom vehicle to do battle with your opponents
  • Earn money to upgrade your vehicle based on your performance (kills/assists/survival/etc).
  • Compete to be the last man (or woman) standing

    Background: Welcome to an alternate reality where the worst of the worst compete in vehicle-based combat for the entertainment of the masses and the chance to win their freedom. You are an inmate at Moonray Penitentiary, condemned to die for your crimes. Rather than accept your fate, you have signed up to compete in the annual Vehicular Manslaughter Tournament. Victory offers you a second chance - your crimes forgiven (no matter how heinous) and an almost celebrity-like status among the populace. Defeat promises you a violent death on the public stage. Either way, the taxpayers are happy.

    Don't want to play but would like to watch? Pick the new spectator option when you sign up. This may be useful if you're waiting for the next 'real' game or just want to see how the Adventure game works.

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    Additional information:

    As a first time host, I’m looking to keep things relatively simple while I learn the ropes. To that end, this will be a more ‘limited’ adventure game than most of us are used to. Things like searching a room for items or hiding in a bush will be heavily de-emphasized, or simply not worth doing.

    The game itself will be played as follows:

    The first round will be dedicated to building your vehicle. You will start with a certain amount of money, and get to make various choices about the design and armament of your vehicle. I will provide a list of various components/items/etc that you may purchase. You can also add your own ‘custom’ modifications for a price (determined by the relative power, and subject to balance adjustments).

    After the building round, I will randomly distribute an even (or as close to even as possible) amount of players into each room for Round 2. 4 rounds of combat will occur, during which you are free to run, fight, cry in a corner, etc. At the conclusion of these four rounds, you will be returned to the garage for 1 round. Kills/assists/survival cash will be awarded based on performance, and you can make repairs/upgrades to your vehicle. Rinse repeat until we have a winner.

    Some of the previous statements (ex: 4 rounds of combat) may need to be adjusted depending on the turnout for this game. I will also try to provide a list of vehicle components and weapons a few days before the start so you can start thinking about your build.

    I’m looking to do updates every two days. Garage days may be shorter if everyone gets their stuff in early. Given the combat-centric nature of this game, I do not plan to do mid-round updates.

    Questions? Concerns?

    Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Count Dooku
    Count Dooku

    This reminds me of Twisted Metal and I am very ok with that.

    Jathan signed up for the game!
    Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Jathan

    Twisted Metal- starring Dooku as Calypso.

    Feral Wolf signed up for the game!
    Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Feral Wolf
    Feral Wolf
    The Rogue Wolf

    Look at this handsome devil!

    Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Jathan

    He does have a very Count-ish look to him.

    Helius signed up for the game!
    Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Helium


    Ghowilo signed up for the game!
    Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Ghowilo

    This looks fantabulous

    Xhin signed up for the game!
    Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Xhin

    I just wanna watch and see how this turns out. :)

    Castrael signed up for the game!
    Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Castrael

    I really wish you'd change the text for spectators Xhin so that it doesn't look like 6 people have signed up to play, when in fact two have signed up to spectate.

    Posted June 3rd, 2015 by Moonray

    FYI, probably going to extend sign-ups to next weekend just to see if we can get a better turnout. If not we'll proceed with what we have!

    Components list forthcoming, just working on trying to balance things.

    Edited June 12th, 2015 by Count Dooku
    Count Dooku

    Really stoked about this!

    Posted June 7th, 2015 by Xhin

    Alright, here's the components list. Sorry in advance for the formatting.

    A quick guide: Start by picking a vehicle frame. This will determine some of your equipment options. Speed rolls determine who goes first, defense rolls determine how bad a hit you take (or if you get hit at all).

    Some (most) weapons have bonuses to your attack rolls. These bonuses apply ONLY to the use of that specific weapon.

    Upgrades require the original system in order to be purchased. These are permanent additions to your vehicle. In addition, their bonuses stack. If the original system gives +5 and the upgrade gives +10, you will get a bonus of +15 with the upgrade!

    Ammo is consumable.

    Feel free to ask questions!



  • Light
  • Price: Free
  • Description: A light vehicle frame that prioritizes speed over defensive capability.
  • Effect: +20 to Speed rolls; Equip up to Light Armor

  • Standard
  • Price: Free
  • Description: A standard vehicle frame
  • Effect: Equip up to Reinforced Armor

  • Heavy
  • Price: Free
  • Description: A heavy vehicle frame that emphasizes size and defense over speed.
  • Effect: -20 to Speed rolls; Equip up to Superheavy Armor


    Note: Can only have one set in effect at a time.

  • None
  • Price: Free
  • Description: They say hope rides alone, but did you know hope also rides nude? There might not be anything between you and the bullets, missiles, or landmines, but at least you'll go fast.
  • Effect: +30 to Speed rolls

  • Scrap
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Flimsy, rusted scraps hastily attached to your vehicle. Offers a greater chance of giving the driver tetanus than actually protecting them, but it's something. Adds almost no weight.
  • Effect: +5 to Defense rolls; +10 to Speed rolls

  • Light
  • Price: $200
  • Description: Thin armor composed primary of rejected license plates from the prison labor program. Small bonus to defense without adding much weight.
  • Effect: +10 to Defense rolls; +5 to Speed rolls

  • Reinforced
  • Price: $300
  • Description: Basic armor using American-made steel plates. Good defensive capabilities.
  • Effect: +15 to Defense rolls;

  • Heavy
  • Price: $500
  • Description: Thick composite armor. Great defense, but heavy enough to slow you down.
  • Effect: +20 to Defense rolls; -10 to Speed rolls

  • Superheavy
  • Price: $700
  • Description: Your opponents could be forgiven for mistaking your vehicle for a tank. Then again, this armor was salvaged from an actual tank, so maybe that's what you were going for. Massive defensive bonus at the cost of being very slow.
  • Effect: +30 to Defense rolls; -20 to Speed rolls


    Note: These are optional upgrades to your 'standard' tires.

  • Studded
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Adds metal studs to your tires for greater traction. Not compatible with Armored.
  • Effect: Significantly reduced chance of losing control of your vehicle in oil slicks.

  • Armored
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Adds an armored layer to the exterior of your tires. Not compatible with studded tires.
  • Effect: Significantly reduced chance of tires deflating.

  • Edited June 12th, 2015 by Count Dooku
    Count Dooku


  • Pistol
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Always keep both hands on the steering wheel. Unless you're carrying out a drive-by shooting.
  • Effect: Nothing Special!


  • Light Machine Gun
  • Price: $200
  • Description: A hood-mounted, belt-fed LMG. Lots of spraying, lots of praying.
  • Effect: +5 to Attack rolls

  • Dual Light Machine Guns (Upgrade)
  • Price: $200
  • Description: Two hood-mounted, belt-fed LMGs. More spraying, less praying. Upgrades Light Machine Gun.
  • Effect: +10 to Attack rolls

  • HE Rounds (Ammo)
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Unleash a single salvo of high-explosive rounds from your LMG(s). Sure to get your opponent's attention! Temporary Upgrade to Light Machine Gun. Can be purchased multiple times.
  • Effect: +5 to Attack rolls. Consumes item.


  • Anti-Material Rifle
  • Price: $700
  • Description: A .50 caliber anti-material rifle designed for maximum damage and penetration. Must be stationary to fire!
  • Effect: +15 to Attack rolls; -10 to Target's Defense Roll; -100 to Speed rolls


  • Missile Pod
  • Price: $200
  • Description: For situations where bullets won't do the job. Allows you to fire Missiles (sold separately).
  • Effect: Allows the use of missiles.

  • Dumbfire Missile (Ammo)
  • Price: $200
  • Description: Fires in a straight line. Speedy opponents might dodge it though. Can be purchased multiple times.
  • Effect: +15 to Attack rolls; Must pass Speed check. Consumes item.

  • Heat-Seeking Missile (Ammo)
  • Price: $200
  • Description: Fast or slow, big or small, this missile will find its mark. Tracking system requires more room, leaving less space for the payload. Can be purchased multiple times.
  • Effect: +10 to Attack rolls. Consumes item.

  • EMP Missile (Ammo)
  • Price: $300
  • Description: Opponent driving in circles around you? Stop them in their tracks with this EMP missile! Can be purchased multiple times.
  • Effect: Disables opponent's vehicle and 2 random systems on hit. Consumes item.


  • Land Mine
  • Price: $300
  • Description: Leave a highly explosive present for your opponents to find. Just remember where you drop it… Can be purchased multiple times.
  • Effect: +20 to Attack roll. Significant chance to deflate tires. Consumes item.


  • Mortar
  • Price: $300
  • Description: For the cautious driver who prefers to harass from afar. Can be fired in your current room, or into other rooms with less accuracy. Uses Mortar Shot Ammo.
  • Effect: Allows the use of Mortar Shot.

  • Mortar Shot (Ammo)
  • Price: $200
  • Description: Kind of like a cannonball, only much more explosive.
  • Effect: +20 to Attack rolls. Consumes item.


  • Mini-Nuke
  • Price: $700
  • Description: For the loose canon with nothing to lose. When your vehicle is destroyed, this mini-nuke will ensure you go out with a bang… and maybe take your opponents with you.
  • Effect: Unleash a massive explosion when your vehicle is destroyed.


    Melee Weapons

  • Scrap Spikes
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Jagged metal scraps welded to your grill. For the impaler on a budget.
  • Effect: +5 to Attack rolls

  • Battering Ram
  • Price: $100
  • Description: A large, v-shaped metal plate attached front of your vehicle. Absorbs some frontal damage, good at knocking other vehicles away.
  • Effect: +5 to Defense rolls

  • Roller-Smasher
  • Price: $400
  • Description: Your very own steamroller. Deadly up close! Not compatible with Scrap Spikes or Battering Ram.
  • Effect: +20 to Attack rolls


  • Hydraulic Arm
  • Price: $300
  • Description: Ripped straight off of a backhoe. This rear-mounted hydraulic arm has been modified to allow 360 degrees of motion. Digging bucket included.
  • Effect: +10 to Attack rolls

  • Hydraulic Chainsaw (Upgrade)
  • Price: $400
  • Description: A large industrial chainsaw that replaces the bucket on your hydraulic arm. Maybe there's a reason you were in prison, psychopath.
  • Effect: +15 to Attack rolls



  • Oil Spreader
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Disruptive weapon, may cause opponents to lose control of their vehicle. Can be purchased multiple times.
  • Effect: Leaves an oil slick which may cause opponents to lose control of their vehicle. Consumes item.

  • Tire Spikes
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Disruptive weapon, may deflate opponent's tires. Can be purchased multiple times.
  • Effect: Leaves spikes on the ground that may deflate your opponent's tries. Consumes item.

  • Flamethrower
  • Price: $200
  • Description: Does not directly damage opponents, but lowers defense.
  • Effect: -10 to target's defense while on fire.


  • Harpoon
  • Price: $300
  • Description: Man the harpoons! Opponents hit by a harpoon will be unable to change rooms until they can detach the harpoon.
  • Effect: -20 to Target's Speed when Harpoon is attached

  • Harpoon Winch (Upgrade)
  • Price: $300
  • Description: Harpoon upgrade. Allows you to reel your opponent in close for the kill.
  • Effect: Pulls opponents closer.



  • Ejector Seat
  • Price: $400
  • Description: Just because your vehicle goes up in smoke doesn't mean you have to. With this upgrade, you'll be ejected into the arena. Good "Luck"!
  • Effect: Can only be purchased once. Single use Item. Prolongs your suffering.

  • Duct Tape
  • Price: $200
  • Description: You can fix anything with duct tape! Or at least hide the giant gaping hole in your armor and hope no one notices.
  • Effect: Improves vehicle condition or repairs weapons, systems, etc. Can be purchased up to two times each time you visit the garage. Consumes Item.

  • Nitro
  • Price: $200
  • Description: Gotta Go Fast! Can be purchased multiple times.
  • Effect: +20 to speed rolls for 2 rounds. Consumes item.

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Price: $200
  • Description: Don't let the invisible fire burn your friend. Or your vehicle.
  • Effect: Puts the Fire Out. Infinite use.

  • Edited June 12th, 2015 by Count Dooku
    Count Dooku

    And finally... if you don't see something on this list that you want, write it down and ask me in your 'garage' thread. I'll consider the balance implications and give you a price for it.

    Right now I think everyone will start with $600. So start building!

    Edited June 12th, 2015 by Count Dooku
    Count Dooku

    Don't think I would be very good at this so I will a spectator

    chiefsonny signed up for the game!
    Posted June 12th, 2015 by chiefsonny

    I would like to spectate.

    Lady Flare signed up for the game!
    Posted June 12th, 2015 by Lady Flare
    Lady Flare

    Do we buy these now or wait until we're in our respective rooms?

    Posted June 13th, 2015 by Ghowilo

    First round will allow you to pick your components in private.

    Posted June 13th, 2015 by Count Dooku
    Count Dooku

    Can't wait!

    Posted June 14th, 2015 by Xhin

    Be starting in a bit.

    The best way to reach me during this would be on skype. I've usually always got it running in the background.


    Posted June 14th, 2015 by Count Dooku
    Count Dooku
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