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Game 7 - Epilogue (Also leave feedback!)
Posted: Posted October 31st, 2014 by Ghowilo

After Chiefsonny blew the front door off of it's hinges in an explosion that destroyed 1/5 of The Crypt, LLight marched in with his army and turned the once great city into a ghost-town. Crows were still feasting on the dead as the following events began to unfold.

After the sacking of The Crypt, LLight and his Special Agent Chiefsonny ventured onto The Enchanted road, where they encountered many a strange creature. LLight sent a crow to The Cove with the terms of surrender that he generously gave The Elves to ponder.

At first, the letter was given to Lady Flare's imposter, who was giving a speech in the center of town, drawing a lot of attention, but she deferred it to Viktor Bosnah. A large chunk of Lightning glass was set in the center of the city, and it began to float and rotate on its own. A faint glimmer of a bubble surrounded the city. Some of the elven Magi had been given pieces of the Lightning glass and soon after were undergoing the transformation into a monolithic magus.

Bosnah, seeing that it was addressed to Lady Flare, and knowing her true location brought her the letter and left. She then opened it, the letter read, Let it be known, The Wise and Merciful LLight, of the House Santero, third of his name, Knight Templar, Holy Warrior, General of the Human Army, and Warden of the South, hereby offers The Elves one final chance for surrender. You do not have to die. You may keep your lands to the North, in the mountains of The Spire and the swamps in The Cove. The Crypt, however, is forfeit. Let it be known that we have harnassed the power of the atom, and are willing to decimate your cities without second thought. This is your last chance, surrender now, or face utter desolation. You started this war, it's on your shoulders to finish it. While she was reading it, Bosnah returned to his office, she made her way there to pay him a visit.

Meanwhile, on the Enchanted road, LLight had taken some of his troops with him while he awaited a reply and broke several of the animals there. Soon, there were Human marksmen mounted atop Fire-breathing platapi and Giant Spiders. Meanwhile he had his squadron of doctors out examining the 10 foot tall mushrooms that were growing here.

Over in the cove, Lady Flare made her way into Bosnah's office. She had a conversation here concerning the elven surrender, which he staunchly refused. His rejections died with him as a dagger found its way in his throat. She then went out and gave the slaves a letter, and sent them off to the Enchanted road to LLight and his army.

Meanwhile, in the Maiden's loom, Count Dooku was on the runway doing a diagnostics test on his plane, checking to make sure that everything was working right.

Over on The Enchanted Road, LLight and Chief take the army into the wilderness to hide in order to hide, waiting on a reply. However, Orangutans armed with pointy sticks jumped them and they had to fight their way back out onto the road. Some casualties were sustained.

Then Dooku, in his B-29 bomber, took off, and made his way over The Spire, the capital of the Elven tribes. He circled around it waiting for word on the Elven surrender.

Around this time the slaves made found their way to the Human army. They were taken directly to LLight and Chiefsonny, where they handed over the letter provided by Lady Flare. LLight opened it, reading, After great consideration, I Lady Flare of the noble House of Solaris, accept your terms on behalf of the Elven Nation. Please accept these tokens of my good faith. We, the Elves, wish for peace and will cease all hostilities toward your People.
In the hopes of a brighter future, Lady Flare

There was also a key attached to the letter, he handed it over to Chiefsonny and rounded up his troops. The war was over! All the troops cheered and headed back to camp, where they drank all night and sang songs of merriment. They had overcome a very powerful foe, through wit and strength, and Count Dookus brilliant brain crafting new technologies.

The elves were left to their cities, untouched but many families had lost loved ones in this senseless war they started. All the elves, well the vast majority of them anyways, agreed to dissolve the Tribunal and elected The Lady Flare as Supreme Leader of the North.

And there was peace, for quite some time.

Leave her Johny leave her, for the voyage is long and the winds don't blow and it's time for us to leave her.
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As I said previously, you did a good job hosting Ghowilo. You let a few things slip but I have a feeling that it's hard not to. And in the Round Summary sometimes I thought you were letting the Humans know too much of what I was doing. After all I am the only Lady.

And I think in future games there should be a restart if a player drops out in the 1st Round. Mafia games have been restarted for less.

And for the record I assassinated the Lord Mayor. He voted for war. And as far as I know Bosnah was behaving himself.

Posted November 1st, 2014 by Lady Flare
Lady Flare

Thanks Lady Flare! I'll keep that in mind next time.

Also, as for points, I was thinking...

LLight +6
ChiefSonny +5
LadyFlare +5
Count Dooku + 4
SDYoshi + 2
Helius + 1
Feral - 1

Does anyone contest? And for Achievements.


General - Make the highest score on your team.
Vive proelium vince - Be on the winning team
Emperor - Win Game 7
Creative - Used his actions in a way that made the host smile/laugh while reading.


Vive proelium vince - Be on the winning team.
Abolitionist - Freed some slaves.
Spec Ops - Entered a fortress undetected.
Sabeteur - Caused mayhem whilst remaining undetected.

Count Dooku

Vive proelium vince - Be on the winning team.
I can has power? - Harnessed the power of the atom and flew a B-29 over enemy lands.

Lady Flare

General - Get the highest score on your team.
Abolitionist - Free the slaves!
Experimenter - Create a unique item.
Creative - Used his actions in a way that made the host smile/laugh while reading.


I can has power? - Harnessed the power of Lightning Glass to become a monolith magus.


Creative - Used his actions in a way that made the host smile/laugh while reading.

If you feel like I missed anything, let me know.

Posted November 1st, 2014 by Ghowilo

Maybe no one wants to talk to me but you.

Posted November 2nd, 2014 by Lady Flare
Lady Flare

Great game Ghowilo! I was all sandboxed in thinking of things to do. You did an excellent job hosting and your room descriptions were great.

Posted November 2nd, 2014 by LLight

Great job Ghowilo.

Shame it got off to a bad start with people quitting.

As LLight said the room descriptions were great and I really enjoyed the freedom my role had. That's how a role like that should be handled by a host and you did it well.

Posted November 2nd, 2014 by chiefsonny

Good game! Good job as a first time host!

This was likely the result of my role, but the 'objectives' system kinda dictated what I did every round. To the point where it felt like most of my actions were just 'does x to accomplish z'. And if 'z' was really complex, I'd have an 'x' and a 'y'.

Now for this game, that worked well because my time to actually play the game freeform was basically nonexistent. So it worked out. But if I'd have been more active, I probably would have felt 'restricted' in what I could do without hurting my team's victory %.

Posted November 4th, 2014 by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

I was worried that my objectives system kinda put people in a bubble, I'm glad it worked well for you though. I definitely did feel like I was restricting y'all in a way I didn't really want to but couldn't really think of another way to keep things moving forward. I eventually ran out of ideas.

Posted November 4th, 2014 by Ghowilo

It reminded me of that one game Moonray would initiate host driven events that threatened to do damage or kill inactive players if they did not waste an action. Fortunately the penalty for not doing it only swayed the progression of the percentage ratio tug-of-war, which during clinch end game scenarios would be costly, however I did not feel the pressure for whatever reason.

Posted November 5th, 2014 by LLight

Can I keep my gun for the next game?{fp}

Posted November 6th, 2014 by chiefsonny

It's a fantasy game, chief. A gun there would make no sense outside of <every anime ever> <zelda> <most post-modern fantasy>

Posted November 6th, 2014 by Xhin


Moonray decided against playing :(
Posted May 9th, 2016 by The Emprah
The Emprah


Posted March 2nd, 2017 by Popplio
Hi, I'm Popplio.

Posted March 2nd, 2017 by Popplio
Hi, I'm Popplio.
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