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Gtx0 Terraria: Admin Commands
Posted: Posted October 17th, 2014
Edited October 17th, 2014 by Count Dooku

As I mentioned earlier, the server I rented is running a mod called 'Tshock'. A basic Terraria server leaves a lot to be desired in terms of administrative capabilities. Fortunately, Tshock adds in many useful functions for server administration and moderation.

First, and most importantly:

All commands are entered into the server's chatbox.

Type 'help' to get a full list of commands!

Most commands, if entered partially incorrectly, will try to offer you guidance on how to enter the correct command.

Protecting Regions

Arguably the most important function is the ability to define and protect regions. This will allow only certain users to edit the world in the defined area. Protected regions prevent anyone without access from opening chests and destroying/adding blocks. Fortunately, they still allow the use of doors and certain objects.

As admins, you will be managing regions for users. When a user asks for a protected region to build, use your judgement in establishing it. A tiny region is not very useful, a very large region prevents others from having building space! As a rule of thumb, start small-medium. You can always give the user more room later.

The basic process goes something like this:

/region set 1
/region set 2
/region define [ENTER REGION NAME]
/region protect [REGION NAME] [true/false]
/region allow [USER] [REGION]

When you type /region set 1, the server will tell you to click a block (user a pickaxe, it won't break anything). This will make up one boundary for the region. Then type /region set 2 and click another block. Everything in a rectangle between these points will part of the region. Adding a user to a region allows them to edit the entire region if it is protected.

If needed, you may need to extend a region. You do not need to delete or remake the region in order to do this.

The command is as follows:

/region resize [REGION NAME] [u/d/l/r] [NUMBER OF BLOCKS]


/region resize Dungeon u 10

This would extend the Dungeon region 10 blocks upward.

Adding Warps

Warps allow the players to teleport around the map to defined locations. I figure most players will probably want a warp to their house, and we may see fit to add warps to the dungeon or jungle for quick access. I don't feel these will upset the game balance, because the Magic Mirror item in the game already allows teleporting to spawn.

Warps are very simple to set up:

/warp add [WARP NAME]

Then you simply type /warp [WARP NAME] to warp to that location.

Don't want everyone having instant access to a warp? Hide it with this command:

/warp hide [WARP NAME] [true/false]

If a player uses /warp list to list all the warps, the hidden warp will not be displayed. If the player knows the name of the warp, they can still teleport to it even if its hidden.

Player Teleporting

You can teleport to a player, or teleport a player to you with a simple command.


So /tp Dooku Helius would send my character to Helius's location.

Try to avoid using this command without being asked by a user. Nothing more annoying than journeying halfway across the world and suddenly getting pulled back from where you came.

A Few Notes

You have access to additional commands (use /help for a full listing), but I won't detail them all here. I suspect you won't need the vast majority of them.

For now, please refrain from using any commands to spawn bosses or trigger events. A pumpkin moon before everyone is geared will only result in tears.


If you have ANY questions on command usage, please don't hesitate to ask here. Experimenting with the unknown may result in bad things!

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