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Posted by: Xhin
Posted May 22nd, 2012
Edited May 22nd, 2012
User CP Revamp (WARNING: Massive amount of New Features)

Aka Lost & Found v3. Instead of a small popup, you instead have five control panels in a back-end type area. Let's cover them.

To get started, click "User CP" next to the User Logout button (where Lost & Found used to be).

Account Settings

This allows you to change the username and password of your account. Note that this changes the account username and password (what you use to log in), not the actual username and password associated with it.

You can also change your primary username, which works much the same way it did before. If you missed the memo, Primary Usernames are required if you want to have an avatar, although there'll be more uses for them down the line.


This section is a total revamp of the tiny altnames section of Lost & Found.

First of all, I added a feature a while back (it was supposed to be included in this update, but I released it early) that let you set altnames to specific posts or forums ([ Altnames fixed; Set altnames to work automatically in specific posts or forums ]). This control panel lets you manage them.

  • Remove or change the password of an altname like you did before (except you no longer get to see the password and you have to confirm it).
  • Add location (URL) lets you add a location for that altname to show up. Just stick in a gtx0 or alestan link and viola it'll set it up correctly.

  • You can also make an altname your primary username. Note that this will still keep all settings of the altname.

  • Below that, you'll see "Location by Post" and "Location by Forum" if you have any altnames set up. This will give you a handy overview of what names you have set where, and you can remove them with the checkboxes.

  • There's also a section to add a new altname, and an optional location for it. Note that usernames entered this way must be valid (ie you must first post with them somewhere).

    Post Settings

  • If you have a primary user assigned to your account, you can edit your avatar.

  • "Thread Signature" will automatically show up in the Signature box when you make a new post provided you're logged in.

  • "Color of My posts" lets you set the hex color that your posts show up while you're signed in. The default is the teal-ish color, but you can now change it to your liking. It also works correctly in Mobile GTX0. Until I get some kind of palette script up (I have one for TP but it sucks), here's a handy guide:

    Request Viewer

    Somewhere along the way, the feature in lost & found that let you view your requests vanished. I've restored it here. Note that right now all you can see is what forum your requests were made in and when it was submitted. This will get an upgrade at some point so you can see what you submitted.


    Ah, the fun one. Something I've been wanting to install for a long time, this page lets you submit contacts, which will be streamed in the "Networking" tab up top once you guys start using it. Right now there's a few different contact types, but you can request contact types you'd like to see, and admins can approve or deny them. (this new request type will also appear in the "Requests" panel).


    Ignore this for now. It's the next project I'll be working on.


    So yeah, enjoy. The features have been pretty thoroughly bug-tested, but if you see something, please report it.


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