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Porn fantasies would be different for Adpihi! (and Rukuba?)
Posted: Posted December 24th, 2018 by chiarizio
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I was just wondering about threesomes etc. in cultures with different sexual morés than those we are accustomed to. (I no longer recall how this thought ever occurred to me!)

In some natcultures and concultures-for-humans, men are expected to marry two-or-more wives simultaneously, and likewise women are expected to marry two-or-more husbands simultaneously.

I wondered, then, wouldn’t MFM and FMF threesomes, or 2-boy-1-girl or 2-girl-1-boy hookups, be perfectly respectable, and events most sexually-experienced ordinary people would have experienced?

In Adpihi/Reptigan, if one ignores the 3rd-and-later marriages (because they are “not supposed” to be reproductive), the 1st-and-2nd marriages constitute a “virtual” “line-marriage” system, à la Robert A. Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”.
There’d be times when, say, Alice and Bob and Carol are all living together. Alice is oldest and Carol is youngest. Alice is Bob’s first wife, and he is her second husband. Carol is Bob’s second wife, and he is her first husband. It might be common they’d all three have “special grownup time” together. Probably Alice would have already had a child by Bob, and maybe she’d want another; but if Carol and Bob were still trying to have their first child together, Alice would respect that.
Earlier, before Bob even met Carol, Bob and Alice might have been living together with Alice’s first husband, Ted. Ted would have been the oldest; and Alice would have been Ted’s second wife. Usually Ted and Alice would have had at least one child together before Alice asked Ted for permission to marry Bob, although it’s possible Alice and Bob might have “had eyes for” each other before then. Anyway, even if Ted and Alice wanted another child together; if and while Alice and Bob were still trying for their first child, Ted would respect that.

So for a man to have a sexual encounter with two women at once would be a common thing. Young bachelors and young first-time husbands might fantasize about it, but not as something that would probably never happen; just as something which hadn’t happened yet.
Similarly, for a woman to have a sexual encounter with two men together, might be a commonplace within marriage. Her fantasies might be about how hot the guys are, or about whether they are in to each other. But the two-lovers-at-once part of it would be anticipation, rather than purely fantastical fantasy.


Now, for the Rukuba.
Note well: although the Rukuba are a real-life culture, I know next to nothing about them, and what I do “know” about them is all hearsay when it’s coming from me. So, the following is pure speculation.

The Rukuba are patrilineal and patrilocal and virilocal; and put great emphasis on brotherhood and ritual-brotherhood and metaphorical brotherhood.
So it’s a bit of a surprise, to sociologically-and-anthropologically naive armchair-amateur me, that their culture also puts such emphasis on mother-daughter bonds, bonds between sisters, emphasizing same-mother half-sisters (but not same-father half-sisters) the same as full-sisters, and female choice in marriage and mating. But they do.

A woman can have “a husband in every village”, almost, if she wants to marry them, and can convince her husbands they want to marry her.
But she can live with at most one at a time! She can freely go from any one of them to any other; and/or freely court and marry a fresh new husband; but I think it would be an unusual thing for her to have two husbands in the same house at the same time. Her husbands can’t be each other’s neighbors nor spiritual brothers nor actual full- nor half- -brothers. One of the husbands would have to be the other’s houseguest, in order for them all three to be staying in the same house at the same time.

I think that might be very possible, because when she dies, her widowers (and past boyfriends!) visit each other and help one another mourn for her; but I’ve seen no indication that it regularly occurs.

OTOH a husband can have many wives, and as far as I can tell there’s no limit (other than practicality) on how many of them can be living with him at once. So two-girls-one-guy hookups just might be part of every Rukuba family-man’s ordinary Friday-night marital routine, for all I know.

EDIT: see https://www.encyclopedia.com/humanities/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/rukuba
Apparently about 28% of Rukuba husbands are living with two or more wives at the same time. But there are also husbands who live alone for a while even though they already have two or more wives; some such men do so in order to court a new wife, or, maybe, try to get a new wife so they will no longer be alone. But some are content to stay alone until one of their wives comes back to them. —— All other Rukuba husbands are living with just one wife. /EDIT

(No insult is intended to any actual Rukuba who read this! If you know different, I for one would appreciate being corrected!)

- - - - -

I don’t have any information on whether such 3-person encounters would, or would not, include any play between the two who were the same sex. Perhaps if that were a rarity in reality, it might be a common fantasy for members of these cultures.

The Rukuba situation would allow for one-guy-three-girl encounters. Those might also be rare in reality, but common in fantasy, for all I know.

I’m not sure the Adpihi/Reptigan conculture would have one-husband-three-wives or one-wife-three-husbands encounters very often. Certainly it would be considered quite normal for a person to be married simultaneously to up to three spouses (spice?) of the opposite sex but the same species. But I’m not sure they’d all four be living together as a regular thing. Also, third(-or-later) marriages, while two previous spouses are still alive and two previous marriages are still in force, are expected to involve people who consider themselves through with reproducing. The youngsters might consider them kinda too old to be very attractive or much fun in the sack. I can tell you from experience they are probably not through with wanting sex! But they might be through with acting out fantasies, or with highly energetic or athletic sex, or something like that.
Maybe, though, many men might often fantasize about encounters with three women at once; or many women might often fantasize about encounters with three men at once. I have no information about how common such fantasies are among real-life earth-people in my own native culture, let alone in natcultures not my own, or concultures.

In my concultures, having more than three simultaneous currently-in-force marriages to still-living spouses, is Not Done. So a guy and four girls, or a girl and four guys, would have to be extramarital. (A Rukuba girl couldn’t have more than one guy in bed with her all at the same time unless it were extramarital; but a Rukuba guy could have as many wives in bed with him as would fit. However I expect four-at-once might be physically taxing.)


I’ve said nothing so far about two-guy-two-girl foursomes.
In Adpihi that could happen, I guess, in the marital situation.
If Ted is married to Alice, and Alice is married to Bob, and Bob is married to Carol, then Ted and Carol are the only opposite-sex pair who aren’t necessarily married to each other. The thing is, Bob might be barely young enough to be Ted’s son, and Alice may be barely old enough to be Carol’s mother. For instance, if Ted is nine years older than Alice, and Alice is nine years older than Bob, and Bob is nine years older than Carol, then Ted is 27 years older than Carol.
Ted and Carol might be turned off of each other by their age-difference.
Maybe the T-A and A-B and B-C age differences are each 7.5 years? Then the T-B and A-C age differences would each be 15 years, and the T-C difference would be 22.5 years; which still might be a turnoff. (The husband-wife age-difference is “supposed” to be “ideally” half-a-generation, so 7.5 years might be considered minimum. But people don’t always do what they’re “ideally supposed” to do.)
Or T-A = A-B = B-C = five years, so T-B =A-C = 10 years, and T-C fifteen years. Maybe that wouldn’t be a turnoff. However a five-year age difference between the married couples might be considered pushing the minimum. (I suppose there’s a possibility Ted and Carol are actually married. I’d have to think about how likely that would be.)
If the common difference between each husband-wife couple were three years, that between the two husbands and that between the two wives would be six years, and the Ted-Carol difference would be only nine years. Probably not a turnoff; but probably rare and/or “frowned upon”.

I think such encounters might be something “Ted” and “Carol” might enjoy occasionally, but object to (or, at least, enjoy less) as a “regular thing”.
I don’t knoW 🤷‍♂️.


What would never happen in Rukuba (unless there are Rukuba “swingers”), but conceivably might in Adpihi, are husband-wife-husband-wife-husband, or wife-husband-wife-husband-wife, encounters. If the oldest individual were 45 and the youngest were 15, I suppose this could happen. But I think a young bride or young groom who hadn’t been married very long might not enjoy such an almost-orgy very much.
The participants’ ages might instead be 54-45-36-27-18, or 60-50-40-30-20, but I think the same possible problems are still possibilities.


In general I think the one-husband-two-wives and the one-wife-two-husbands encounters would be more common both in fantasy and reality, both for Rukuba and for Adpihi/Reptigan.

But what does anyone else think?

Would porn be tempting if the acts portrayed were neither forbidden 🚫 nor rare?


In your own concultures, or in natcultures you know about, is porn different? I was once told that in South American porn there tend to be lots of nuns and monks and priests, as compared to Anglo-American North-American porn.

Do any of you have any polygynandrous concultures? Or know anything about any real-life polygynandrous natcultures?

How are sexual fantasies different?

In my native natculture it seems to me that many people often fantasize about marital sex; sex that would be perfectly OK if it happened in real life and random people found out about it. The fantasy element might be “what if I were married to Lisa Bonet?” or “what if I were married to Jason Momoa?” or “what if I were married to Emilia Clarke?”. Or, “what if I marry the quarterback?” or “what if I marry the head cheerleader 📣?”. Or “what if I were back home with my wife instead of stuck by myself in this boring hotel on this tedious business trip?”. I remember fantasizing that last one quite a bit.

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