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Slightly altered Creator Gods maybe?
Posted: Posted November 4th, 2018 by chiarizio
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I decided — perhaps erroneously — to put this in World and Culture instead of Canon Critique or Creative Writing.
I furthermore decided — perhaps erroneously — to start a new thread for it, instead of appending it to some existing thread, e.g. Scientific Theology.

I have been discussing my weird beliefs, that would in my opinion come too close to violating the No-Cross-No-Crown rule, in PMs with elemtilas and bloodb4roses. In particular I explained that, and why, I can’t believe in th Abrahamic religions’ God.

Elemtilas was curious about what scenarios regarding God or a God-like Being would prompt me, were I to believe them, to find Him/Her/It/Them sympathetic.

I decided that posting my answers would not violate the no-cross-no-crown rule, so I’d chance it.

(BTW I’m just going to say “Him” instead of “Him/Her/It/Them” for the rest of this post. I do not intend that to imply any commitment to any one grammatical gender nor grammatical number for God. It’s just to save typing.)

I’ve thought of several such scenarios.
Here are those I can recall right now.
There are probably others I’ve thought of but can’t immediately remember.
There are probably also some I’ve never thought of.

1.). God has no equal. Consequently God has absolutely no experience in dealing with equals. He has nothing on which to base any ideas about how one should treat an equal.
But maybe He’s curious.
Why not create a species of sapient moral agents, and see what kind of ethics they work out, and how they go about working it out?
That might give Him some ideas.
He has no call to instruct us in morality. But maybe He has reason to look for instruction in observing us.

2.). God, the current Sustainer and Ruler of the universe, is not the Creator, and not the original Sustainer and Ruler. Whoever created the universe has abandoned it, and is not available for God to consult. God is doing the best He can with a Universe He didn’t design and didn’t make. When we ask Him “Why?” He can answer only with an educated guess. He doesn’t really know why the Universe contains pain and evil and injustice, nor does He really know how to fix it. He just has better clues than we do.

3.). God, the Creator, Sustainer, and Ruler of the Universe, was a vigorous and competent Deity for, say, the first fourteen fifteenths of the Universe’s existence; but now He’s senile. So He’s making mistakes, or failing to notice problems He should be doing something about.

4.). God, the Creator, Sustainer, and Ruler of the Universe, is now a vigorous and competent Deity. But for the first half-or-whatever-fraction of the Universe’s existence, He was a tyro and a newb. Several mistakes, or at least imperfections, have been designed-in and built-in to the Universe by God in His inexperience, and now He and we just have to put up with them, unless He scraps the whole Thing and starts over from scratch.


Actually I can think of a few more. But it’s 4:00AM here and I ought to go to sleep.

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