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Reptigan fostersibs? CYOA on an ?impossible? planet
Posted: Posted September 30th, 2018
Edited April 17th by chiarizio
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See http://gtx0.com/view.php?post=113109.
I’m thinking of a pair of Reptigan explorers, one a cadet member of some wealthy or influential or prestigious family, the other a humbly-born fosterling of that same family, who are “explorers” in the “Explorers’ Corps” (better name sought), and are each other’s partners and buddies in the Corps or Service.
One of them gets sent to a planet something like one of those “five impossible planets” from the thread referenced above.
That one gets into trouble. The other volunteers to go to the rescue.

I guess this is a WIP now; or at least the gametes of this story are at the handshake stage of their relationship!

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Kinda think I should pick this back up!

Posted February 26th by chiarizio
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