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Belphegor, the Demon of Invention
Posted: Posted September 4th, 2018 by chiarizio
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In “modern”(?) Western/European/Christian demonology, Belphegor is the demon who tempts people to hell by inspiring them to come up with clever inventions.

People who believe(d) that clearly feel/felt that invention and innovation inherently tended to be evil just because they were innovative or inventive.

(I happen to disagree. I believe in neither Belphegor nor Jehovah/Allah, and if I did I still would have no impulse to worship either one. But if I were made to choose one to praise and/or honor, or spend time in the company of, I’d certainly prefer Belphegor over Yahweh/El/Allah.)

I have read an SF story in which a small settlement of humans was suddenly attacked by the natives, apparently (spoiler coming up) because they kept suggesting the locals solve their problems by adopting certain human inventions.
Among the reinforcements sent to help out were a group who immediately headed to the school to protect the children. One of their number — their RTO — was captured by the natives. He was repeatedly interrogated as to what the radiotelephone did and how it worked. He never told them anything.
Eventually the natives decided humans fell into two groups — the evil and the good. The ones who prioritised protecting the children were good; and the one who wouldn’t explain nor demonstrate the novel device were good. So once they eliminated all the other humans, the natives let those go.

The natives in that story had the same attitude that the 17th (and/or 16th? and/or 18th?) century German &c. Bishops had, who decided that one of Satan/Lucifer’s highest-ranking subordinates was responsible for the impulse to invent.

So does anyone else remember any stories with a Belphegor-type character in them? Or an attitude that “progress is the root of all evil”? Or, does anyone intend to make such a story or setting?

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Was this really that boring, that no-one responded?

I suppose I’ll just have to accept that it is! :oops: :( :| :crybaby:

Posted September 25th, 2018 by chiarizio
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What did I do wrong?

I take it back, whatever it was!

Posted December 23rd, 2018 by chiarizio
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I think the board is just very slow right now. Not many of us are posting, and those of us who are are doing so sporadically. Aside from you, since you seem to be the one most often posting or commenting.

Posted December 23rd, 2018 by bloodb4roses
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Yes, I do seem to have let myself kind of run away with it! :oops:

Posted December 23rd, 2018 by chiarizio
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