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Story idea for Exotica
Posted: Posted March 23rd, 2015 by Awsomerayd
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Katrina the cat girl: Hey hun how was your day?
Link the dog: Good I went battling and then explored the woods.
Katrina: That sounds like fun. Did you go with anybody?
Link: No why you ask that?
Katrina: Oh I don't know somebody mentioned a cute lilttle dog girl you been seen with?
Link: I'm not cheating on you.
Katrina: Don't lie hun.
Link: Me lie, ha you childish, feline.
Katrina: and your a vile excuse for a hound, you no good mutt
Link: I had it I'm leaving
Katrrina: fine then go.
Link: I am.
Katrina: good go hang out with that mutt girl you beast.
Link: fine then good bye
Katrina : bye.

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Kind of realistic. Hope it turns more unusual soon.

Posted March 29th, 2015 by chiarizio
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