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With Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence? If not, you have to see this movie. It got terrible reception from all the artless ducks out there who don't understand nuance. This was a movie that left me thinking long after I left the theater, and that is rare these days. Highly recommend this psychological thriller.

Not going to spoil it but


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you have to see this movie

I saw the RLM review of it and it doesn't look that interesting.

Posted December 3rd by nullfather

Your loss.

Posted December 3rd by Kaot0

Thought for a moment this would be about the Bong Joon-ho film, which I have seen and veeeery much love. But then I remembered.

I'm pretty ehhh when it comes to Darren Arronofsky. I've heard good things about it, but they're also things that - for me personally - don't sound appealing.

Posted December 3rd by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

it looks boring

Edited December 6th by Brandy

I would watch it, but I haven't even able to go to see Thor or Justice League (although the latter I can totally go without).

Posted Thursday by Recalescent Ghost
Recalescent Ghost

Saw it Friday night, came away very disappointed. I'm going to disagree with most of your post.

It got terrible reception from all the artless ducks out there who don't understand nuance.

Problem with this movie is that it tried TOO hard to be an allegorical film. Most good films or novels with allegory are able to stand on it's own when you look past the nuance and allegory. You can't do this with mother. Once you get past the first 10 minutes or so the film turns into a very obvious re-telling of the Bible. It's so fast and heavy handed that there really isn't a scene that isn't part of the grand scheme. You go from enjoying the film to "oh, it's the Bible, okay". It becomes pretty boring.

Then you have the problem with the overall message Arronofsky is trying to get across. He has publicly stated that the film is meant to address human inflicted climate change, but the viewer doesn't come away from the film thinking that. Probably not the only one since most early reviews had no idea what was going on with the film and the fact that Arronofsky had to publicly state this before anyone started talking about it.

I felt more like Arronofsky was trying to muddle the intentions of God, almost an anti Christianity film. The viewer is meant to view the film through the eyes of Jennifer Lawrence, who is in a constant state of bewilderness and anger about what the heck is going on. The Adam and Eve characters went against the trust of God and broke the crystal (aka, apple), thus starting the downfall of the human race (or house, I guess?). At the end of the film we see what I'm guessing is suppose to be the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, but once that happens there isn't any redemption for any of the characters. Jennifer Lawrence dies thinking her husband (God) was a complete monster who murdered her son (Jesus) and she never really grasps any of the events that occurred.

Yeah, the more I think on it, it is definitely an anti Christian message.

Posted Yesterday Evening by Bubba

Scrolling through the forum just now I see that you're a Christian. Curious to see if you picked up anti christian message like I did.

Posted Yesterday Evening by Bubba
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