Out of all the bugs/glitches you've encountered over the years, which one(s) annoy you the most? For me it would have to be any of the following:

*Viola Giordano not appearing in Windhelm during the murder mystery sidequest
*not being able to build your hearthfire houses for some reason (this one I'm currently experiencing)
*sudden loss of frame rate to the point where you essentially need to quit the disk entirely and start up again (looking at you new vegas)
*sudden game crashes
*being stuck in a wall or floor

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You sure some of this isn't due to using mods?

Posted December 3rd by KnokkelMillennium

The Skyrim bugs/glitches? Aside from the one about the Hearthfire homes, they're all ones I experienced on the ps3

Posted December 3rd by -Riku-

My PSX version of FFVI freezes right outside of the opera house.

The occasional hitbox/character model quirks in Counter-Strike.

The entire player experience in Morrowind.

Posted December 3rd by nullfather

skyrim (broken quests/objects mainly)

also I bought FFX used and it froze during the opening no matter what I did (IIRC Tidus was on a bridge with people running away and the camera is supposed to turn and let you run toward monsters and shit). Eventually I had to buy a second copy just to actually play the game (not worth it).

Posted December 3rd by Pirate_Ninja

Ys VIII: During one of the Suppressions, I couldn't move at all. I kept being attacked by enemies at all sides and because of that I was thrown into a corner. :/

Edit: ^ That's the most recent one I can remember anyway.

Edited December 3rd by Castrael

FFVI freezes right outside of the opera house.

thats not a bug, i beat that game with no freezing. clean your disk . also for me its the error trapper bug from roller coaster tycoon

Edited December 3rd by Brandy

I experienced this weird bug that I've head other people call Andromeda. Dunno if anyone else has heard of this bug.

Anyway, probably the one that I experience every time I play it: in The Last of Us: Remastered , during the winter, there's the building with an arcade or something in it, and two guys show up when you get there. Every single time I play through the game, I experience a bug wherein if I leave the building (waiting to try an either ambush one guy or sneak by them), the game completely loses track of where they are. My listening ability no longer picks them up, and when I pop back into the game, they're back at their starting locations.

Posted December 3rd by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

thats not a bug

No, it's not, nor did I say that it is. A bug is what it is called when there is a legitimate software problem. A glitch is a much more ephemeral thing, covering a wide variety of miscellaneous and not necessarily devastating problems. A glitch can be the product of a programming vagary, of machine quirks or of a combination of both and/or many other factors.

I don't know what caused my FFVI to freeze.

i beat that game with no freezing

That means that it could not possibly be a bug? Who the hell actually knows without looking at and testing my copy of the game? Maybe I had a very specific combination of stats, equipment, playtime, etc. to cause some extremely unlikely software flaw to come out of the woodwork. Improbable, and I'm not claiming that that is what happened, but it's not impossible. If you get into the glitching/speedrunning community, you'll find a lot of extremely esoteric things like that.

clean your disk

Right, because I never thought of that... Literally the first thing that I did, not that my well-cared-for disc had any grime or scratches on it to begin with.

Posted December 3rd by nullfather

Who the hell actually knows without looking at and testing my copy of the game?

your right i did not think about it.

Posted December 3rd by Brandy

"Who the hell actually knows without looking at and testing my copy of the game?"

Were you playing it on a PlayStation console? It could have been your console not being able to read the disc correctly. My Dreamcast can't read Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 without it freezing. I know it's not the game because I tried 2 copies, so it must be a glitch in it's software or Laser.

Maybe also try another copy of the game, you can get it brand new for $10 on Amazon right now.

Posted December 3rd by Q
64 Bits of Pure Power!

I once had a bug on a modded Minecraft server wherein if you approached a certain item in-game, your FOV would zoom way the hell in and you wouldn't be able to climb stairs -- it was called the "Horse" status effect, I believe. Most annoying bug I've ever encountered in Minecraft -- and trust me, I've encountered (and fixed) tons of them.

Posted December 3rd by Black Yoshi
Black Yoshi

Halo MCC campaign playlists erasing progress. And the game crashing. Erasing hours and hours of time.

Posted December 3rd by Vandy

This is one I've only encountered once. After I beat Evrae in FFX (after having tried multiple times to beat him) I was so relieved. Then during the scene where the team slides down the cables of the airship, my game froze. My disc was clean and my game froze before I could save

Posted December 3rd by -Riku-

oh, that reminds me - from playing the PC version of FF7 way back when it was new and exciting and not everyone knew that Jessie dies. There was a gamebreaking bug quite far into the game, after one of the Jenova fights. The game would crash during the unskippable cutscene where the Weapons are released to start causing mayhem, making it literally impossible to finish the game.

fortunately, after a whole lot of frustration and failed attempts, I learned that it wasn't a problem specific to me and that they actually had to release some sort of workaround that allowed you to continue your save from beyond that pont. It's been a long time so I forget the details, but I definitely remember doing the "run through the energy waves" thing and the boss fight way too many times, only to see the following cutscene start to stutter around the same point every time and then crash the game altogether.

Posted December 4th by Pirate_Ninja

This isn't really a bug or a glitch but back in late 2013 the HDD in my XBOX360 died. I know i have brought this up many times but I have a habit of playing a game for a while, taking a break from it and then coming back to it later to finish it. I had several games in progress like Diablo 3, GTA5 and Skyrim. I also had alot of custom maps I made in Halo 3, Reach and Halo 4 along with gameplay videos and screen shots that were lost. I still get pissed when I think about it.

Posted December 4th by Q
64 Bits of Pure Power!

I know i have brought this up many times but I have a habit of playing a game for a while, taking a break from it and then coming back to it later to finish it.

Story of my life, except that many times I have to restart the whole thing because I literally forgot what was happening (especially in RPG's).

Posted December 4th by Fox Forever
Fox Forever

Yeah, I know that feeling. I have had to restart games for the same reason.

Posted December 4th by Q
64 Bits of Pure Power!
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