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So I was looking on my 3ds to see what Nintendo was charging for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, when I noticed that they had Pokemon Gold for $9.99. I immediately bought it. I have no regrets.

I have the first two badges, and I am currently in Goldenrod City for the first time. My team consists of:

Togepi (which just hatched)

Team Rocket is also being periodically beaten up.

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there's a nostalgic place in my heart for Sentret c:

he's adorable and I trained one the first time I played through Gold. As a grown-up cuddly Furret he eventually became a mainstay of my Pokémon Stadium 2 teams for fighting the AI (at level 55, he just made the cutoff for the L50-55 cup).

Posted December 2nd by Pirate_Ninja

I remember having a Scizor on a team at level 100. He was awesome. Until my brother gave my Pokémon Gold game to one of his friends. :/ I still need to pick these games on my 3ds.

Posted December 5th by Castrael

I'm going to buy Crystal when it comes out. The Pokemon don't use IVs/EVs right? Because that took the fun out of battling for me.

Posted Friday by MarvaIo

the system worked differently in gen 1 and 2

IVs still existed back then, but they only ranged 0-15 instead of 0-31, and there were only four of them (special attack and special defense were linked to the same IV, and HP was calculated based on the other four).

EVs still existed, but there was no shared cap. You still gained extra stat points by beating stuff up, but you can keep going until all your stats reach their max potential (there's no "oh dang I got some special attack EVs on my physical attacker" because it didn't mean your were missing out on points in other stats).

Posted Friday by Pirate_Ninja
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