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Smough and Orenstein
Posted: Posted December 2nd, 2017 by Jet Presto

Man, I forgot how much I hate these guys. I usually hate two-on-one fights because I find them inherently unfair, but I also get that they put summoning in the game for a reason. No where do I feel like the game actively *wants* me to summon than Smough and Orenstein. I've noticeably improved in every boss on this playthrough, save this one. I beat the Belltower Gargoyals alone. Got through Capra Demon in an hour or two. Only got killed by Quelaag three or four times. Only even took a couple of hits from the Iron Golem, never dying. It's all satisfying and exactly why I love Dark Souls: you can easily spot your own improvement throughout the game.

But I still can't fucking do shit against these dudes!

Anyone of you weird "good at Dark Souls" guys want to help me out at some point this weekend?

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I am both weird and good at Dark Souls!

The first game can be a bit finicky with summons but I may very well have a character near enough yours in level for it to work.

Posted December 2nd, 2017 by Famov

Never mind. Thanks for the offer @Famov, but I somehow managed to fucking do it. Not completely on my own, of course. After - no joke - 4 wasted humanities in which literally EVERY FUCKING TIME I REVERSED MY HOLLOWING and set off to summon Solaire and try on our own, I was invaded by another player and promptly killed, I finally managed to not get invaded long enough to pull it off with just Solaire (which might not sound like a big deal, but last time, I needed Solaire *and* another player to take them out - which was a 3-2 fight until it was a 3-1 fight. This time Solaire died right after Smough, and I got to fight Orenstein one on one.

Fuuuuuck. It is funny though. Anor Londo has been the perfect training ground for learning to parry. I have always been so bad at it that I never bothered to try, but I can reliably parry all the knights, both with spears and swords. It's funny to see that I am sooooo much better at Dark Souls than even a few months ago...but that I'm also no where near good enough to be remotely competitive against other players. (I usually just kill myself to save time.)

Posted December 15th, 2017 by Jet Presto
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