At level 259 I have maxed out every Skyrim skill there is and have all the perks available! I've also completed the story quests for Dragonborn dlc, Dawnguard dlc, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, found Esbern and lead him to Delphine, became Thane for Whiterun and Solitude, obtained all 7 Black Books, AND I killed the Ebony Warrior. I'm actually at level 260 because I don't like my final level being an odd number. I still use my dragon bow and battleaxe, but I occasionally use fire slasher or a conjuration spell.

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Do you feel an emptiness when you achieve your goals in a game?

Posted December 1st by MarvaIo

Lol this was never my goal. I had decided not to bother with mastering lockpicking, but decided to do it anyway. As for the other things on this list, there were only two goals in mind: get into the Thalmor embassy since I couldn't on my last game and get the Elder Scroll from Serana's mom because that kept getting bugged (luckily i found a mod to fix it)

Posted December 1st by -Riku-

You've perfected the game.

What are you going to do in Skyrim now that everything else is done?

Posted December 1st by Xhin

Not everything is done, though.

Posted December 1st by -Riku-

how long did it take you in hours?

Posted December 1st by ShadowFox08

Less than 40 hours thanks to mods

Posted December 1st by -Riku-

What are you going to do in Skyrim now that everything else is done?

You can never kill Skyrim. It will return! E3 2018 draws closer every day.

Posted December 1st by Vandy

I think my Skyrim character is still around level 28 or 29.

Posted December 1st by Q
64 Bits of Pure Power!

You can never kill Skyrim.

This is true. Anyway, I'm currently working on the Boethiah quest and building Windstand Manor, though I think I need to make adjustments to my mods because I tried building said manor and it wouldn't show up. Also I just completed the image's guild story. Next on my list is finish building and take care of my active radiant quests

Edited December 1st by -Riku-
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