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Akala Island - Route 6. I’m looking for a female Eevee to add Sylveon to my team at the moment.

My duo team at the moment til I get Sylveon.

  • Malamar: 31 - Tackle, Peck, Psywave, Psybeam
  • Torracat: 31 - Bite, Ember, Fire Fang, Double Kick

  • Malamar: 34 - Tackle, Peck, Psywave, Psybeam
  • Incineroar: 34 - Bite, Flame Charge, Fire Fang, Darkest Lariat
  • Rockruff: 21 - Tackle, Bite, Fire Fang, Rock Throw (special)
  • Steenee: 22 - Magical Leaf, Rapid Spin, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent
    Location: heading to my last trial on Akala Island.

  • The Head May Err, But Never The Blood.
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    I just arrived at the third island, haven't really done anything yet except publicly humiliate Hau again (you've got a lotta ass challenging me in the rain with your Brionne). Everyone's level 30-31.

  • Lopunny (Cute Charm) - Return, Fire Punch, Jump Kick, Brutal Swing
  • Oricorio [electric] (Dancer) - Air Cutter, Double Slap, Feather Dance, Roost
  • Milotic (Competitive) - Water Pulse, Hidden Power (Ground), Round, Recover
  • Mawile (Intimidate) - Crunch, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Astonish
  • Ribombee (Shield Dust) - Bug Buzz, Draining Kiss, Absorb, Stun Spore
  • Tsareena (Queenly Majesty) - Trop Kick, Low Sweep, Stomp, Teeter Dance

    protip: you can find free Shell Bells when fishing. I pulled in like 3-4 when looking for a worthy Feebas. Healing every time you hit stuff is nice.

  • Posted November 26th by Pirate_Ninja

    I am literally at Royal Avenue now. Gunna work on that and get back to hunting Eevee.

    Yeah I got myself some Shell Bells. I haven’t used one yet though.

    I caught a Feebas randomly and would love to have a female one for Milotic but it’s pain to look for one. (I got a male one instead.)

    Can I re-add your FC? Mine’s new.

    Posted November 26th by Castrael

    Just finished the Ghost Trial in Ula Ula

    Primarina Lv 40 - Sparkling Aria, Hyper Voice, Icy Wind (until I find Ice Beam), Psychic
    Noibat Lv 40 (oh sweet Jesus evolve) Pyschic, Air Cutter, Tailwind, Roost.
    Jolteon Lv 40 - Discharge (until I find Thunderbolt), Signal Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunder Wave
    Lopunny Lv 40 - Return, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Work Up (thinking about replacing Return with Thunderpunch so she's...punchy).
    Marowak (Alolan) Lv 40 - Fire Punch, Bonemerang, Stealth Rock, False Swipe (going to replace this with Shadow Bone as soon as I can find the Move Remember...person

    Going to fill out the last slot with Lucario. When I get there.

    Any particular Trials anyone is struggling with so far? I think the Water and Grass was much harder here.

    Edited November 28th by Forte Lambardi
    Forte Lambardi

    I hate gen 7 starters so I sent over a team of shit breed rejects at level 1 to piece together a really cool team. Anyone just beat electric trial.

    Feraligater 36 Sheer Force. Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Crunch.
    Lairon 34 Sturdy Rock Slide, Toxic, Iron Head, Earthquake
    Houndoom 34 Early Bird Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, Sludgebomb
    Staraptor 36 Reckless Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Double Edge, U-turn
    Jolteon 35 volt bsorb twave, thunderbolt, shadowball, volt switch.
    Gardevoir 35 trace thunderbolt, psychic, dazzling gleam, calm mind

    I thought having good mons with correct natures and abilities and decent moves would make it super easy. trials are still pretty challenging. and yes I picked poplio so I was still using water starter. My rival hates me

    Posted November 28th by Elite

    (going to replace this with Shadow Bone as soon as I can find the Move Remember...person
    Poke Center outside of e4.

    Posted November 28th by Elite

    haven't really had a tough time with any trials so far. Electric was especially comical - I wasn't looking forward to it as a type, but I coincidentally had a pretty perfect start.

    I'd put Oricorio in front, since its only not-shitty attack was Air Cutter and that splits its damage across both targets once the totem calls in help (and I figured it'd do decent damage if the totem was still Vikavolt). My initial reaction when the fight started was "oh perfect I'll do like no damage lol" - but I didn't take much, either. Especially since all the totem's attacks were physical and I started using Feather Dance. So once I dropped both enemies' attack stats to the minimum, I swapped in some offense and rolled right over 'em. Not a very fast victory, but clean.

    updated team, after just finishing the ghost trial. Level 36 all around:

  • Lopunny (Cute Charm) - Return, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Jump Kick
  • Oricorio [electric] (Dancer) - Air Slash, Icy Wind, Feather Dance, Roost
  • Milotic (Competitive) - Water Pulse, Icy Wind, Hidden Power (Ground), Recover
  • Mawile (Intimidate) - Iron Head, Crunch, Brick Break, Rock Tomb
  • Ribombee (Shield Dust) - Bug Buzz, Dazzing Gleam, Psychic, Stun Spore
  • Tsareena (Queenly Majesty) - Trop Kick, Low Sweep, Zen Headbutt, Stomp

    those beach move tutors are a blessing - Mawile finally got a STAB attack, and--even more importantly--Oricorio got a second attack that isn't shit! Pound and Double Slap would be garbage even if mine wasn't Modest. Really looking forward to that level 40 payoff (which is way too late, bad game design imo).

  • Posted November 29th by Pirate_Ninja

    So, I got my Sylveon and I’m training her at the moment. My team looks like this at the moment:

  • Incineroar: 36 - Bite, Flame Charge, Fire Fang, Darkest Lariat
  • Malamar: 36 - Tackle, Pluck, Psywave, Psybeam
  • Lycanroc (Dusk form): 27 - Rock Tomb, Bite, Fire Fang, Rock Throw
  • Sylveon: 19 - Tackle, Fairy Wind, Quick Attack, Swift

    I’m still looking for a female Feebas and then I want a Vulpix. I plan on getting Riolu for my team when I get there and switch out Lycanroc

    I’m at the final trial with Olivia.

  • Edited November 29th by Castrael

    Tapu Village

  • Pikachu: 37 - Slam, Discharge, Charge Beam, Spark
  • Incineroar: 43 - Bite, Flame Charge, Fire Fang, Darkest Lariat
  • Malamar: 43 - Psycho Cut, Pluck, Psychic, Psybeam
  • Primeape: 35 - Cross Chop, Brick Break, Assurance, Karate Chop
  • Pupitar: 36 - Rock Tomb, Dark Pulse, Rock Slide, Smack Down
  • Sylveon: 37 - Draining Kiss, Fairy Wind, Moon Blast, Swift

    Pokémon may change.

  • Posted December 1st by Castrael

    I pretty much just beat the water challenge and now I'm on the route where there's a volcano.

    My team:
    Dusk Lycanroc
    Meowth (for pickup ability)
    I don't remember the rest...

    Posted December 1st by Cetasaurus
    formerly KM8

    I’m at the final island, creating a new team because Lusamine was a bitch.

    Posted December 2nd by Castrael

    fought her last night; she was a higher level than I expected and I almost regretted turning off the Exp Share (which I flip on and off every so often to make sure things don't get stupid-easy) because her entire team was several levels above mine. Which led to at least one unexpected KO when her Lilligant turned out to be faster than my Oricorio.

    unfortunately for her, my team is both stronger and more beautiful than hers

    she even lost a 1v1 Lopunny duel

    Posted December 2nd by Pirate_Ninja

    unfortunately for her, my team is both stronger and more beautiful than hers

    Trust you to assemble a more beautiful team than hers.

    Posted December 2nd by Moonray

    I’m at the final island, creating a new team because Lusamine was a bitch.

    She was about to wipe my team with her Beware. Sent out Jolteon (his Defense was garbage).

    Boys and girls, use Pokemon Refresh because my Jolteon survived a Dual Chop and held at 1 HP on both hits due to me maxing his affection. It then paralyzes the Beware for three turns in a row revived 3 teamates to heal my Jolteon and take it out along with the rest of the team (I think it was one or two pokes).

    Posted December 2nd by Forte Lambardi
    Forte Lambardi

    well I mean...she totally ripped off my theme

    [conquering the hoenn league in STYLE] recaps my Omega Ruby beauty squad (Gardevoir, Mawile, Flygon, Milotic, Ninetales, Froslass)

    in Moon I kinda did what I felt like because exciting new generation full of new things, but this time I'm showing her how it's done.

    I am the lovely princess of Alola, bitch, so step. off.

    Posted December 2nd by Pirate_Ninja

    I restarted the game with Rowlet (so much better), and then I got myself Growlithe (F), and a Staryu (F). I'm at the fire trial. I need to train my Staryu since I just got it. She's my special attacker. I was going to train a Feebas (but having to trade her over is a pain) and a Seel but she doesn't learn Water moves early on. I don't think Milotic does either. I'm getting a Alolan Ninetails on my team for that Ice and Fairy.

    Pokémon stories are usually weak so I didn't mind restarting.

    Posted December 5th by Castrael

    when you evolve Feebas into a Milotic, it learns Water Pulse immediately. You just need to be able to trade to evolve it (and you need a Prism Scale for it to hold, which you can get as soon as you get Lapras Surf).

    also I looked up Seel out of curiosity and yeah, it actually goes a really long time without a water attack...which is pretty dumb. But if you use the BP move tutors on the second and third islands, you can teach it Water Pulse or Aqua Tail.

    Posted December 5th by Pirate_Ninja

    So, I’m finally back on Poni Island and my current team is:

    Ninetails took a while to train because I had bred it. I’m thinking of getting a Goliospod maybe? I need a poison and flying, fighting type moves. :/

    Ninetails (52)
    Decidueye (54)
    Arcanine (54)
    Starmie (52)

    Posted December 9th by Castrael

    Just breeded a Mareanie. Gunna have a Toxapex on my team as my defender.

    Posted December 10th by Castrael

    I’m at the post game stuff now. I just beat the Elite Four. Finally. I ditched Toxapex and my final team was

    Ninetails: 68
    Decidueye: 68
    Starmie: 67
    Arcanine: 68

    I think my levels are right.

    Posted December 10th by Castrael
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