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I want to have sex with this girl, but I know it's going to fuck me up worse if I do. I can tell she's toxic, so I'm just ghosting her. It's certainly not for lack of physical attraction, and she clearly wants it, but I know I'm either going to end up with a toxic relationship, or just get my heart broken. I want intimacy so bad, and I have to deny chances like this in order to get what I really want.

It's so damned frustrating. I kind of feel like going to church to meet women, but as an atheist, I feel like that wouldn't last either.

I just want to be held and to connect.

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I'd recommend not devaluing physical intimacy by having relationships that you know are going to be toxic or are going to crash and burn.

And I know you've been looking for a long time, but sometimes things don't work out. I was lucky enough to have my wonderful girlfriend basically fall into my lap, but I consider that a one in a million.

Posted November 20th by nullfather

The Cupola I know wouldn't be having sex.

Posted November 20th by Bubba

The Cupola I know wouldn't be having sex.

That's because the Cupola you knew only existed in the Berenstein timeline

Posted November 20th by KnokkelMillennium

holy shit what are you talking about dude.

this place is fucking wierd.

Posted November 24th by Kaot0

I say go for it.

Are there any concrete reasons why not? She can't force you into a relationship, and if you think you want one, but it'll be toxic, why?

Posted November 24th by Agis

holy shit what are you talking about dude.

Who, me? I am joking about it but haven't you ever heard of the Berenstein mandela effect shit? A LOT of people remember the Berenstain Bears as the Berenstein Bears. So people come up with all kinds of crazy reasons for this including timelines/parallel universes. Seriously look up Berenstein Bears this shit was kind of huge.

I'm actually one of the one people who would insist on remembering it as Berenstein but I still joke about it because I realize how ridiculous it sounds.

Edited November 24th by KnokkelMillennium

Not u @KnokkleMillennium

I can tell she's toxic, so I'm just ghosting her

...so you're stalking a chick who you think is toxic...

Posted November 24th by Kaot0

ghosting means stopping all communication without explanation, not stalking

Posted November 24th by poptart!
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