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The Ancient Magnus’ Bride
Posted: Posted November 18th by Castrael

So far loving it. I’m almost considering of buying the Manga’s (vols 1 - 7 are currently out now) but lol I’m broke. It’s a great romance and fantasy story about a girl who was abandoned at a really young age. She meets a mage known as Elias who takes her in as an apprentice and trains her. I won’t spoil too much about it because it really is a cute story even when it has its dark moments.

The Head May Err, But Never The Blood.
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I've heard some people complaining about it being problematic because of what they feel is a predatory relationship between the main characters. Perspective on this?

Posted November 18th by nullfather

It’s a bit of spoiler but I think it’s because Elias isn’t human and the girl’s human. Also, the girl will die in three years because she’s a Sleigh Beggy. I haven’t read any complaints but it could possibly be an unrealistic relationship? I mean, in the beginning, Elias buys her off in an forbidden auction and he already wants to marry her so they go on honeymoons together.

Posted November 19th by Castrael
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