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Question about an episode of the English dub of Sailor Moon (circa 2000)
Posted: Posted November 14th
Edited November 14th by Blake

I remember watching an episode on Toonami (Back when it was still good) where they battle these two demonic women inside the Tokyo Tower and when Sailor Moon gets her heart brooch back, she uses the moon spiral heart attack, only the chimes can be heard and instead of the normal "Sailor Moon" motif, we hear the creepy sinister BGM, instead. Just watched it online and the version had the Japanese text and English subtitles in the dub, with the original English voices and when she uses the attack, the normal "Sailor Moon" motif can be heard this time, throughout the entire sequence. There's no creepy BGM music, unlike in the Toonami airing. Somehow the Toonami version doesn't play it. Did anyone else notice this, besides me?

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(Back when it was still good)

Posted November 14th by Pirate_Ninja

Today's Toonami isn't bad, but the Toonami from the late 90s to the mid 2000s was so much better. Can someone please answer my question, though?

Edited November 14th by Blake

Can you post the source? I haven't seen Sailor Moon since the Toonami times.

Posted November 14th by Castrael

It was on SailorMoonTV I think and it plays the theme in that version. I have no idea where I can find the original version that aired on Toonami and was on most VHS copies. The DVD version fixed the music issue, I guess.

Edited November 14th by Blake
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