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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Khanate - Commuted:

All stop, imagine
Lash out, just this one time
No control
Take their sight
Still there, but now they feel
Instead of reading, talking, laughing, just feeling
Now we're here
Pieces of us in my hands, on the floor, in my pockets
Red glory
My god! The smiles, the sneezes, the talking
We're in that place again
We're gone, erased, red, feel, feel
No good times in here
Red glory
Change you, be gone or I'll...

Khanate - Dead:

i was...
not worth knowing
visible, awful, but not seen
alone always, forever - beauty opposite
transparent, hear me - listen - right here

Venenum - Cold Threat:

Everything you see, I see
Everything you touch, I feel
All those little things you do
Trust me, I know them too

Melvins - We Are Doomed:

It's amazing
Turn around and look at the whole thing
All together
And take a big black bite of me

I was lonely
And there ain't a whole lot of holdin' on
Goin' on

Fanisk - Enantiodromia:

Where now the world
That glittered once golden --
That through lilt vision,
Perfume and tincture,
Summarily slew,
With potence and ardour,
Such shades verdure
In blight rumination?!
There now, a dream--
Or memoir of a specter,
Stripped of its aura
Plumed drusile serene.
Begowned hues ashen,
Now driftsick, careened,
Remotest dominion,
Thus e’er conceived.

What source, unrest,
Wept ambit sunder,
And dreamer drown
In chalice madden?
Wherefrom thy quest
Which soul sequestereth,
Yet crown to roam
What Sun doth summon
Aye, knowingly so,
He, who with last exhalation
Should answer?
What son, enraptured,
All quarter forego,
Consigneth his essence
To oceans eternal?

Bolzer - The Archer:

Blooms in a desert
The victims of chance
Mirage voyeurs
Trapped in an hourglass
Smite me down, keen archer
For the end I have wed
Lay me aside the brave
Reckless, envious dead

Fertile is the mind tilled with steel.
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again, i'd rather just read poetry, but here's some more lyrics that have stuck with me:

the clash - bank robber

The old man spoke up in a bar
Said I never been in prison
A lifetime serving one machine
Is ten times worse than prison

Imagine if all the boys in jail
Could get out now together
What do you think they want to say to us
While we were being clever

jello biafra & mojo nixon - will the fetus be aborted

Kathy had two
Kids already
And an abortion
Is what she chose
Christian showed her
A bloody fetus
She said "That's fine
I'll have one of those."

mojo nixon - burn down the malls

Burn down the malls
Burn down the malls
Burn down the shoppin' malls
I said Burn down the malls
said burn down the shoppin' malls
burna burna burna burna down shoppin' malls


harley poe - transvestites can be cannibals too

Don't like the way that I look in my own clothes
I wear my wife's as I go to the town
You think it's gross when I'm wearing the pantyhosee
You call me sick and you call me a clown
I think I may, think I might have human tonight
Don't come to me cause I'm coming to you
I think I may, think I might have you for a bite
Gonna cook me up some He Man Stew

Cause transvestites can be cannibals to
And I'll feel better after I eat you
Cause I hate people when they're not polite
And they end up on my table
Man it serves you right

And when I was young I wore my sister's clothes
I liked to paint my nails
And I had secrets no one knows
And know that I've grown up I cook dinner for my wife
I still carry my secrets along with a butcher knife

EDIT: don't mind the typos; i copy and pasted these from lyrics sites, and there's no way in fuck i'm going to go through and fix all of that shit

Edited November 14th by poptart!

Joyner Lucas

Just Like You

Look, I don't wanna be no fuck nigga
I don't wanna sell drugs, nigga
I don't wanna fuck mad hoes and then claim I can't find love with 'em
I don't wanna be no super thug
I don't ever wanna get tripped up
I don't wanna get drunk and high and spend all my time in the strip club
Look, I don't wanna ever go to jail and shit
Serve time and get bail and shit
Be a bum and start stealing shit, fuck around and die and go to hell and shit
Yo, I don't wanna be jobless
And I don't wanna be heartless
Run around, tryna start shit, pickin' fights, thinkin' I'm hot shit, yeah
I don't wanna become vengeful
And I ain't into what you're into
Pray to god I don't run into someone just like you
My one issue, hope one day, that shit does hit you
'Cause you so goddamn judgemental and I don't wanna, look

Uh, I don't wanna be hopeless
A pretty girl with no focus
A single mom with like four kids, never had much, never owned shit
And no school and no diplomas
Dropped out and don't know shit
Steady sticking my nose in on your business, spreading rumors, uh
I don't wanna be chasing guys
Half ratchet, half saint defied
Giving all your friends lame advice, always going out, can't stay inside, yeah
I don't wanna become trife
Content with my fucked-up life
Little attitude, acting uptight, never had a clue but I love fights, no
I don't wanna smoke cancer sticks
Going out every chance I get
I love the truth but can't handle it
Tryna cover bruises with bandages but I hope one day, that shit does hit you
'Cause you so goddamn judgemental and I don't wanna have, pfft

I need someone to look up to
A role model I could run to
When I feel lost and I'm confused and I'm outta touch with my young roots
I need confidence, all that I can get
And I love you and your common sense
'Cause lately, I've been tryna live this thug life and I'm not convinced
Look, I love how you handle your own
Glad you are the king to your own castle
You handle life when it's thrown at you
Never curl up, never 'fo fragile, I need you to be here, regardless
Teach me how to be there for my kids
Show me how to be fearless often, I need real guidance, I am scared of options
Because of you, I've got a clearer conscience
Because of you, I'm not scared of monsters
Because of you, I'm not afraid of failure
My life was blurry, you made it clearer
And God forbid, if you died now
I know that I'll be well taken care of
I know you'll be there waiting for me
I just wanna be just like you
I wanna be anything like you
I wanna be just like you

Edited November 14th by S.O.H.

I got a million excuses, as to why you died
And other people got their own reasons for homicide

Flipsyde: happy birthday

Edited November 14th by S.O.H.

don't mind the typos; i copy and pasted these from lyrics sites, and there's no way in fuck i'm going to go through and fix all of that shit

I understand perfectly. The Khanate lyrics are copied from a site and altered very little.

I finally edited Commuted into a readable format.

Edited November 16th by nullfather

Does anyone else get turned off of a song when "nigga" is woven all throughout it?

Posted November 14th by Vandy

Does anyone else get turned off of a song when "nigga" is woven all throughout it?

But seriously, it's just lazy in a lot of cases. It's like hearing "baby" in rock music.

Posted November 14th by nullfather

Not really. But that maybe because I grew up with that kind of music.

Posted November 14th by S.o.h.

Does anyone else get turned off of a song when "nigga" is woven all throughout it?

torey lanez letters to the city is like literally one of my fave songs and i dont even listen to rap lol. in my opionon, and it has the n word in it and i dont even think about the word because obviously i wont say it but they can say it all they want and you can like it in a song and not be racist. you just have to litsen to the lyrics and picture the story that is going on in this song its so strong its kind of amazing. and the beat fits so well.

Edited November 14th by Brandy

I'm not concerned about feeling racist. I just hate the word and wish it would be abolished from human vocabulary.

Posted November 15th by Vandy

Why do you hate the word. It's popular around black youth and several genres of music. The other n word though...

Posted November 15th by S.o.h.

Just as you mentioned "the other n word." It's a very slight modification to a word that no person is supposed to ever say yet apparently it's completely different and okay to say. For some people? But not everyone. Maybe in certain situations? There is no one I am associated with that would be comfortable with me referring to them as "nigga" (nor would I be comfortable with it or want to).

Posted November 15th by Vandy

Its a part of black culture. Who am I to judge? Even the other n word is taboo with many of the black folk I met.

Posted November 15th by s.o.h.

I walk on water
But I ain't no Jesus
I walk on water
But only when it freezes

- Eminem: Walk on Water

We are searchlights, we can see in the dark
We are rockets, pointed up at the stars
We are billions of beautiful hearts
And you sold us down the river too far

What about us?
What about all the times you said you had the answers?
What about us?
What about all the broken happy ever afters?
What about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
What about love? What about trust?
What about us?

We are problems that want to be solved
We are children that need to be loved
We were willin', we came when you called
But man, you fooled us, enough is enough, oh

- P!nk: What About Us

Boom boom boom boom
I want you in my room
Let's spend the night together
From now until forever
Boom boom boom boom
I wanna double boom
Let's spend the night together
Together in my room

- Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom Boom


Posted November 15th by mariomguy

It's a very slight modification to a word that no person is supposed to ever say yet apparently it's completely different and okay to say

It's also a variation that's been used as a cultural effort to take ownership of a word that has a long been used to take away their humanity. There are some who believe that if they take control of it and use it on their terms, it depowers it to some extent. Kinda like how "redneck" is a derogatory term, but there's a whole group of Southern comedians who have redefined it. It's easy to understand why if someone outside your group calls you something, it doesn't have the same connotation as if someone within your group doing so.

As for the topic, I'm actually a little struck by how few lyrics come to my mind. I know I had been listening mostly to synth bands for a while, but no lyrics pop into my mind as standing out. I know there are songs I like with lyrics I love. I just...can't think of any.

Posted November 16th by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

my favorite lyricist rn is elliott smith
here is one example of him writing

she took the oldsmobile out past condor avenue
she locked the door and slipped past
into rhythmic quietude.
lights burning, voice dry and hoarse,
i threw the screen door like a bastard back and forth
the chimes fell over each other – i fell onto my knees
the sound of the car
driving off
made me feel diseased

Posted Sunday by susurrous

Sus, that reminds me a lot of a verse from Haken:

Message on a screen before me
Caught a glimpse of the ending to our story
'I'm sorry I haven't called you recently'

It's not surprising
I'll just learn the lesson
Take some time to process the evidence
And analyze your apathy

The same track that that is from also has a verse that I've been wanting to share with @KnokkelMillennium:

Omnipresent endless knot
The architect of every thought
Through the prison walls made by your design
A chameleon hides behind Orwellian eyes

Which I interpret as a somewhat Gnostic attitude, especially given that the relationship between man and the Abrahamic God is one of the recurring themes of the album. Actually, he would probably just like the whole album, given that it's about a struggle between the ineffable progress of transhumanism and the classical religions that still influence people's minds while this technological revolution is underway:

When I escape myself
How much will be remembered
Of Heaven and of Hell
Of what it really means to be?

Anyway, here's the track that features the first two quotes:

Posted Monday by nullfather

Looks neat. I'll have to give it a listen later.

Posted Tuesday by KnokkelMillennium
The machiavellian menace

Draw the May knife afore bold noon
And the unconquerable tune resound throughout

Posted Tuesday by nullfather

Sus, that reminds me a lot of a verse from Haken:

i like the verse ty i hadnt heard of haken before

im listening to the song rn :) it seems to contain a lot of different parts

Posted Tuesday by susurrous

im listening to the song rn :) it seems to contain a lot of different parts

Yes, Haken are decently deep into the progressive metal style. Their music is very dramatic and with a lot of movement between different moods.

What's also interesting about that track in particular is that they reference another progressive metal album by a completely different band. At 10:18 in The Architect, the guitar motif is borrowed from The Drapery Falls by Opeth, off their album Blackwater Park. Besides being one of my personal favorite albums, it's also considered one of the greatest progressive metal albums of all time. Hearing that motif used in Affinity was especially moving because of my connection to Blackwater Park.

The Drapery Falls:

Unrelated lyrics, just more stuff that's been stuck in my head:

I don't mean to dwell
But I can't help myself
When I feel the vibe
And taste a memory
Of a time in life
When years seemed to stand still

I close my eyes
And sink within myself
Relive the gift of precious memories
In need of a fix called innocence

Edited Wednesday by nullfather

Ya the song was alright. Obviously like the seemingly Gnostic vibes.

Posted Wednesday by KnokkelMillennium
The machiavellian menace
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