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@speed bike pro
Posted: Posted November 12th, 2017
Edited November 12th, 2017 by Weid man

Buy me a ticket so that we can go to the iron bowl together this year. If auburn wins their remaining three games, they’re guaranteed to qualify for the college football playoff, as a fourth seed. It’s probakly gonna be Miami, Clemson, Oklahoma and Auburn if auburn can win their final three games of the aseason, otherwise it will be bama-Georgia depending on who wins the sec title game. Auburn has to play against bama at home but then Georgia on the road this time in the Georgia dome but the fans should be able to travel well since it’s only a few hours drive off I-85 across the state border. Yesterday's performance was phenomenal albeit it was at home and they’ve already lost two games on the road including to LSU who lost to TROY at home and isn’t even ranked right now. Beware of what happened yesterday in the bama-MISS state game. Dan Mullen used all three of his team’s timeouts when they didn’t need to yet, because he had poor coordination communication with his players on the field. That and mitackles by the miss defense but even moreso the bulldogs qb who was so careless and didn’t know how to throw the ball in the fourth quarter. Only practice makes perfect and Auburn is gonna have to do a lot of this in the next few weeks if they want to win their remaining two games, since Louisiana Monroe is a cupcake and a guaranteed win next week unless you’re LSU and lose to a team from the worst conference at home! Auburn will need to play their ❤️ s out and they need to be wise and not retarded like miss State was yesterday. We’ve seen Gus and the auburn qb make very retarded decisions last season, especially in the sugar bowl which they shouldn’t have even qualified for since they had four losses but they made it just because they were second in the Sec which bama raped the entire conference and they (bama) were the only team who finished the season ranked in that conference last year.

But on a serious note, please watch the highlights of the chargers game today. You won’t believe how it ended. First off the chargers were up by three points with just under two minutes to go and the jaguars had the ball at midfield, but then the jaguars qb threw an interception so I thought that the game was over. My satire worked itself out again because the chargers running back fumbled the very next play and one player on the jaguars recovered and ran it all the way to the end zone for a touchdown. The play went under review though because it was a vey controversial call and it got overturned because the player’s knee hit the ground before he got back up and ran to the end zone with the ball in his hands. Then the very next play the jaguars qb threw ANOTHER interception so I thought that the game was for sure over this time. Again my satire was successful because the chargers couldn’t convert and the jaguars had all three timeouts which they used on all three set of downs. The chargers punted and the jaguars returned it some and then the qb actually made some successful pass completions and the teams happened to trade penalties the next two plays (offensive pass interference against the jaguars and then roughing the passer against the chargers). The jaguars got down to within the five yard line with seven seconds left and decided to go for the field goal to tie the game since they were down by three, forcing the game to go into overtime. The jaguars got the ball first but couldn’t convert so they punted. The VERY NEXT play the chargers running back fumbled AGAIN and then the jaguars actually picked up the ball while still above the ground and returned it to the one yard line but the jaguars player who recovered the fumble and returned it to the one yard line got called for unsportsmanlike conduct because he mocked the chargers player after the play was over, which set them back 20 yards. The jaguars got basically nowhere for the next few plays BUT THEN the chargers player got called for DEFENSIVE DELAY OF GAME (very ironic since 99% of delay of game penalties are called against the offense, which makes the matter even more embarrassing on the chargers part). The jaguars then settled for the field goal which was like a 30-35 yarder, which was successful, and GUESS WHICH TEAM the jaguars kicker used to play for LAST SEASON? It’s super ironic because he is notorious and one of the worst kickers of all last season (oops did I give away the answer already?).

Dean spanos is way more mentally retarded than dan Snyder is. He sold the chargers and moved them to Los Angeles even though the fans KNOW there that they are just as retarded as the browns are and the fans have literally told him that they don’t give a shit about them and that they don’t want anything to do with the team, while the fans here in San Diego are still loyal to the team despite the fact that the entire chargers team is mentally retarded and have been since 2010 ever since LT left for the jets and the chargers impulsively traded Tim Robbins to the dolphins the next year’s draft just so they could draft a running back (Ryan mathew’s who is very injury prone) quicker even though their were plenty on the market the entire first round, and Tim dobbins was the chargers best special teams player, and they regret giving him away since they gave up like 10 special teams touchdowns the next season and it all went downhill from that point onward up to this day. The redskins don’t make many foolish mistakes like the chargers do, or at least not as many as the chargers continuously do.

Let’s go to a football game together sometime whenever you can take time off work. Let’s go root for cam who is more epic than Mel is! I want to see cam win a professional ring since we already saw him win one in college in dramatic fashion and HE PROVES that practice alone makes PERFECT.

Sliopy toad fuck frogger!
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Oh shut I forgot there’s Wisconsin. They would have e to lose or Clemson would. It clmeson beata Miami in the acc title game then both of those acc teams would make it. But I don’t think that anyone is gonna heat wdiconsin sincw the big ten is unstable and unbalanced this season. Still dunno who will win the east division.

Edited November 13th, 2017 by Weid man
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