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This won't amount much to people here, but that means my email and contact methods will all be down during this time. As for gtx0's concern, certain posts I made in the past will not function properly. Will post update when it is back up again (hopefully in less than 10 minutes).

@Xhin: @susurrous:

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What exactly is wrong, how exactly does it affect posts here, and how long will it last?

Posted November 9th by Xhin

Well this is rather confusing

Posted November 9th by Q

What exactly is wrong

Let's just say the package arrived today, and it put a halt on project amber, as well.

how exactly does it affect posts here

Specifically, a few posts i made rely heavily on the images hosted by the HTTP server of Kohlrak Land. Not really a big deal, but for integrity's sake i felt the need to comment.

and how long will it last?

Until i get it working, which was only a downtime of about an hour, apparently. I was hoping 10 minutes, but Comcast had to make everything difficult. Everything seems to be back up, now.

Posted November 9th by Kohlrak

On a side note, sus, i sent you an email to your apple account. I'll need the email response to be 100% sure that i get emails back and forth again. Will probably work, but the SMTP server is always the biggest pain to get working again.

EDIT: Inbound email successful from gmail.

Edited November 9th by Kohlrak
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