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Tips for newbies?
Posted: Posted November 5th by DMS

Helloo Gt,

I've not played since 2011, but I'm very tempted to get back into Yu-Gi-Oh competitively.

The problem is, I've missed SIX YEARS' worth of new cards and formats, and I don't know what's good anymore. In fact, I don't know any strategies at all, or where to start. I'm so lost.

My dream is to compete in big tournaments and become a known player - but I'm not sure it's possible. Even if I DID learn the current format and all the best cards, I've never been the strategic or tactical type; I'm just really passionate about the game. I'm not sure I'll ever be good enough.

Also, will the game even still exist in 5-10 years? Or is it all a waste of time and resources?

Please put my mind at ease, haha. I need guidance!

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I don't know abouy yu-gi-oh, but I do know that gen 1 pokemon cards are no longer valid and had to have new versions printed just to stay balanced with current gen. What you have is probably worthless.

Posted November 5th by Kohlrak
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