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Final Fantasies Collide!

You spoony bard!

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I got 1-9 (including 8 thanks to emulators) on my tablet. I just found out the "boosters" are available on 9, so i'm kinda tempted to pick it up early (wanting to finish 1, but those random encounters are damn annoying, so if anyone has any fancy idea how to shut them off, i'm all ears), since they give me these options, including one that makes Quina not so useless.

Anyone got any tips for Tetra Master? I always sucked horribly at that thing.

Also, does anyone have any memory edits to get custom spells working like you could with a game shark. I beat the game legit years ago, but I remember with a gameshark or codebreaker you could totally cast whatever in game spell you wanted, including Grand Cross. It was fun just playing with that spell list, making either Sarah or Eiko OPed and Vivi into a Necron-Kuja hybrid.

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Nvm, I found a save editor that allowed me to make all the cards and also remove the arrows.

Still would like to find something to shut off random encounters in the previous games.

Posted November 5th by Kohlrak

ffix was my 1st ff

Edited November 7th by Brandy

Quina is far from useless. In fact, s/he is one of the most useful characters in the game. I use Quina in the boss battle against Ozma, along with Zidane, Freya, and Eiko.

Posted November 7th by Laxan

Quina always felt useless to me because of what you had to go through just to get all his blue magic.

Posted November 7th by Kohlrak

Mighty Guard and White Wind are essential, very useful forms of blue magic.

Posted November 7th by Laxan

Right, but you still had to go get them. By the time you would, Quina's got a long way to catch up.

Posted November 7th by Kohlrak

Love 9!

Posted November 11th by -Riku-

Quina has grown on me every time I've played the game.

But I still often leave her/him off my team more frequently than I have him/her on it.

Posted November 12th by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

FF9 is definitely one of my favorites and a perfect swan song game for the PSone

Posted November 12th by Q
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