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New books (combat psychology and Luther Strode)
Posted: Posted November 1st, 2017
Edited November 2nd, 2017 by nullfather

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman - On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society

I've read the first chapter or two and it's immediately fascinating. A lot of what he's saying is stuff that seems pretty obvious when you think about it for a second, but which we've been trained out of thinking about by the media and the government. For a lot of people, reading this book could deeply change the way they think about war, crime and even violent fiction. Backed by a lot of historical evidence and real-life reasoning, he tears down the propaganda and desensitization that surrounds the modern view of violence that he likens to the Victorian-era view of sexuality.

Rory Miller - Training for Sudden Violence: 72 Practical Drills; Conflict Communication: A New Paradigm in Conscious Communication

Haven't begun on these yet. I picked them as an exercise in self-defense that focused more on mentality, intelligence and preparation than physical ability. While my policy of avoidance has served me very well, it has atrophied my instinct for situational analysis, response time and de-escalation. These books come with decent reviews without being portrayed as some secret mystical manual for defeating all enemies, so they looked like a safe bet. We'll see how reasonable they are in time.

Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore, Felipe Sobreiro - Luther Strode: The Complete Series

I heard a lot about this series through the battleboard circuit. The main character is a somewhat morally-weak nerd with no power...until he receives a handbook describing a method to unlock his killing potential (please, refrain from the obvious jokes here). His new strength drags him into a violent underworld of crime and death cults as his loved ones are threatened and his life spins out of control. Gory and horrifying, it essentially portrays the hero as a slasher villain - even down to wearing a jacked-up mask to hide his face. Given how much I loved Drive and how this appeared to be doing some of the same meta, it was an obvious point of interest.

Initially, I was just going to torrent it or read it on a bootleg comic site. But when I searched for Luther Strode online, I found that the author was putting the entire series up on his website for free, like a webcomic. The move impressed me so much that I felt moved to show my gratitude. I read as much as was available on the author's site at the time, then let it rest for a while. After several months, I searched for it again and discovered that they were coming out with a hardback complete series - for $35. I jumped on the deal and pre-ordered it, which I almost never do for anything. Let me tell you, it was worth it, especially after another deal rolled around and Amazon dropped my final price to about $32 (the MSRP on the cover is $50).

The build quality is very good and there are neat little details like the title text and Luther's eyes on the cover being glossy. The colors are vibrant, the paper is great quality and the ink doesn't smudge. The only thing that could make this better in my opinion is a dustjacket, but that would also have come with a significant price increase. Not that I would have balked at paying for it, though. This was absolutely worth it. Now, I get to really get into, enjoy and finish the story in a way that blows digital reading out of the water.

Will post more about all these books as I finish them.

Fertile is the mind tilled with steel.
There are 2 Replies

the miller ones sound interesting to me. let us know what you learn when you get through them.

Posted November 2nd, 2017 by EN

nullfather do you have a favorite work of fiction?

Posted November 10th, 2017 by susurrous
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