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Feed the back. om nom nom.
Xhin is listening.

Whenever there is a long post title is stretches the "Message" column in forum view, which kinda of shoves everything else out of balance a bit. Tends to look a bit ugly.

Any chance you could just make that column have a fixed size and not stretch?

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Or the titles themselves. A title should not be longer than the body.

Also, main post liking. (sorry, but i had to say it. XD)

Posted October 26th by Kohlrak

Yes that too, I mentioned that in the post when the Like feature got added.

Posted October 26th by Moonray

He hasn't had time to work on it, but given that i wanted to like this post, I had to rib him. XD

Posted October 26th by Kohlrak


Long post titles


OP Like button


Posted October 29th by Xhin

Oh this is great. Never knew we needed it.

Posted October 29th by Vandy

Posted October 29th by Moonray
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