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Tip for Chapters 3 and 4 of TT-YD
Posted: Posted October 15th, 2017 by Giga Bytes7

I know it's way late for this but in case anyone's still playing this game, or just tried it recently:

Don't upgrade Goombella before Chapter 4, and as soon as you get Yoshi, return to Rogueport and upgrade him. That way, Yoshi's more powerful in the Glitz Pit, and Goombella won't do as much damage when she's fighting for Doopliss. (Though SOMEHOW she can still use Multibonk even though she hasn't learned it yet)

This made all the difference today when I was fighting the Shady Koopas and the Koopinator. For the Shady Koopas, you know if they get flipped on their back they can use more powerful attacks, but Grubba said to not use my hammer, of ALL conditions. So, I flipped them with a double jump, leaving 5 HP so that Yoshi could defeat them with Level 2 Ground Pound. (Only worked on the flying one coz I Superguarded his attack)

And as for the Koopinator... I had 20 FP, and Grubba told me to only let my partner attack. That was enough FP for five Gulp attacks, which is his HP of 25. Though I Superguarded a few of his attacks too.

Of course if Grubba had set different conditions it would have been easier, and if any were too unreasonable I'd restart the game (I always save before each match). The ideal condition for the Koopinator is "Don't use your Jump".

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