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Supergirl has become my favorite arrowverse show
Posted: Posted October 14th, 2017 by -Riku-

Supergirl had a rough start on CBS. When the show first came on I watched the first two or three episodes and dropped it thinking it wasn't very good and the writing was pretty bad, even for an arrowverse show. However, some time after the second season hit Netflix I gave it another shot and I am so glad I did.

What I especially love about Kara is she doesn't let her tragic past become her motivation for becoming Supergirl. She chose to put on the hero costume because she genuinely wanted to help people just like Superman. Both Oliver and Barry became heroes because of something that happened to them and the shows would often go out of their way to bring up these events. Kara is a very loving and happy person who has a regular job. Oliver has had several jobs over the years, ranging from bar owner to being mayor. Barry is a forensic scientist for CCPD, but most episodes we never actually see him do his job. This makes Kara much more relatable.

In the second season, the show tackled a subject that isn't seen all that much on tv or in movies and that is when a character discovers that they're gay. We've seen characters who are already aware of their sexuality in fiction, but rarely do we see someone go through the journey of this realization. Kara's sister, Alex, goes through this journey in season 2 and I was surprised that the show was doing this. I asked my friend if Alex's journey was something that they went through and he said yes. The show hit the nail on the head with this character development, something Legends of Tomorrow failed at miserably. The best part is that Alex's newfound sexuality isn't used for comedic purposes like it is with Sarah Lance on Legends, but is an actual extension of who she is as a person.

The support cast, while not as memorable as Team Flash's, are a lot of fun. The biggest change from comic to t.v. is James "Jimmy" Olsen. In the comics and animated shows, he's just a Caucasian teenager who is good with a camera and best friends with Superman. In Supergirl, he's an African American adult who starts off as a love interest for Kara in season 1, but afterwards the two remain as friends and are better for it. J'onn J'onzz, aka Martian Manhunter, is one of my favorite characters in the and my favorite mentor figure out of all four shows. He's been in the show since season 1, but his true identity isn't shown until season 2. Not only does he act as a mentor figure and boss for both sisters, but he's also something of a father figure for Alex. J'onn is selfless, caring, and honorable, but can become very vengeful when the ones he loves are in danger. Superman makes a few appearances in season two and this never takes away from the fact that Supergirl is the star of the show and I like that.

There are other things I could say, but I don't have time right now. Just do yourself a favor and check out Supergirl if you're a fan of flash, legends, and arrow

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