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Moderated by Vandy

Everyone, what is your favourite portable Legend of Zelda game and why?

Zelda 1, 2, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask will not be included because they started off as home console games.

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One of these is not quite like the other.

That said, ages, 'cause first for me.

Posted October 12th by Kohlrak

Yoshi's Island.

Posted October 12th by nullfather

Halo Combat Evolved

Posted October 12th by Q

Is nullfather just trying to make my ears burn?

Posted October 12th by Weid man
Weid man

Oracle of Ages

Posted October 12th by -Riku-

To whoever voted Irozuki Tincle no Koi no Balloon Trip (DS), have you actually played or completed this game?

By the way Yoshi's Island is a Yoshi game, not a Zelda game. Also it started off as a home console game before it went to GBA.

Halo Combat Evolved is a Halo game, not a Zelda game. I don't think there's even a portable version of it unless you play it on your phone.

Posted October 12th by Welsh_Gamer

By the way Yoshi's Island is a Yoshi game, not a Zelda game.

The main character is green and it was published by Nintendo. Close enough for me.

Posted October 12th by nullfather

But, like, Monster Hunter Stories? Do i need to point out the elephant in the room?

Posted Friday by Kohlrak

Pokemon is pretty good

Isn't breath of the wild technically a portable LoZ game?

Posted Friday by Xhin

Xhin, Breath of Wild's lifespan on the Switch's portable mode is only about 3 hours isn't it? Unless you have a power pack

But The Switch is a home console that can be played on the go.

By the way look how much Zelda content is involved in Monster Hunter Stories.

Posted Friday by Welsh_Gamer

Ignoring all of your absurd additions,

For me it's Link's Awakening, and that's largely due to nostalgia. But that's not to say it's not a great game. My mom gave me my Gameboy Color for Valentines day when I was probably around eight years old along with Link's Awakening. I played it for months. Sometimes I listen to the soundtrack and experience some pretty heavy melancholy.

I like all handheld Zelda titles. Oracle of Ages and Seasons were both great. Same for Minish Cap. The DS titles are my least favorite due to the touchscreen movement, but they are still good games.

Unfortunately I haven't played A Link Between Worlds, but I would really like to.

Edited Friday by Vandy

Luigi's Mansion then

Posted Friday by Q

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Posted Friday by Brandy

I've only played A Link Between Worlds. It was fun enough but I didn't beat it. I would say my second favourite Zelda game is Suda51's killer7 on GameCube.

Posted Saturday by MarvaIo
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