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Dies Irae Episode 0
Posted: Posted October 11th, 2017 by nullfather

This confused and angered the fuck out of a lot of people.

The storyboarding and animation wasn't as great as people hoped it would be, plus it was an adaptation of a prequel story about the main villain that's only unlocked in the VN after multiple playthroughs. This had people thinking that that Reinhardt is the main character when he's not, plus just generally being confused by the huge amount of characters introduced and very small amount of exposition to explain what anyone is doing.

Plus, there was some controversy over the fact that a character had some lines that were taken as transphobic by some people. Lads, I think the Rubicon of edginess has already been crossed when the character that delivered those lines is a hot anime chick SS officer. Plus, the new viewers didn't understand the full context of the situation...which is still the anime's fault, though, because they crammed a lot of scenes into this episode.

Overall, episode 0 wasn't what I was hoping it was going to be. But it's still just episode 0 - perhaps it gained that designation because the creators realized that this wasn't the way to start it. We'll see how things go in episode one before I give a hard opinion.

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