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Aria The Animation
Posted: Posted October 10th, 2017
Edited October 13th, 2017 by Louis De Pointe du Lac

Has anyone heard of this anime? I watched it several years ago and wound up really liking it. I was watching Higurashi at the same time and this show was kind of my way of counterbalancing the horrifying violence of THAT show. Yesterday I finally decided to buy season 1 on amazon.

So in this world Mars has been terraformed and renamed Aqua while Earth is called Manhome for some reason. The effects of pollution and climate change on earth has made living there not terrible but not very pleasant either. I would assume by this point Venice is under the sea. Thus on Aqua humanity decided it would be a lark to create a PERFECT REPLICA of the city and call it Neo Venezia.

The show follows this young lady named Akari who recently moved to Aqua from Manhome and is getting settled into her new life as a gondolier under the tutelage of the famous Alicia Florence who is reputedly the most skilled and lovely gondolier in the city.

With that said this is basically a slice of life show. There's no over-arcing plot to speak of. It's basically just an anime about Akari and her friends as they go about their day touring Neo Venezia and learning important lessons about life and people. The artwork in the show is beautiful and to date it's one of the most peaceful animes I've ever enjoyed!

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