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Wassup former Xjesses/denizens of the Fanfic board?
Posted: Posted October 6th by Rachel the Xjesse

Hey, it's been quite a while. I think I made a post at this forum a few years ago but I can't remember where it was. Anyway, if you were at GT from 2003 through around 2006 and hung out in the Fanfic forums you might remember my comedy script series Life Can Be Cool. It should be noted - I still have a fair amount of those saved. They do not hold up, unfortunately. I started then when I was 12 or 13 and it shows.

I still write nowadays. I have lost contact with pretty much everybody I was friends with back here. I mean, I ended up dating Ozzy for a few years when I was still a teenager. Currently I'm 26 and engaged with a full-time job but I'm in way different fandoms than I used to be.

I remembered that someone made a new GT, and specifically I was reminded this evening when I was watching a video about way old geocities websites. I thought I'd pop in and see if anyone remembers me or the times we had. Crazy how time flies. GT was definitely something that influenced a lot in my life.

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