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Host Note System
Posted: Posted October 4th
Edited October 4th by Xhin

This system allows you to add a Host note to any panel, subpanel, or specific entity selector whatsoever in NIFE.

Up at the top of the page where the [ <-- Back ] button is, you'll also see a link that's either "Add Note" or "Edit Note" depending.

  • The Add Note looks much the same as this, except without the delete checkbox.

  • Editing or deleting it should be straightforward.

  • Note that the Notes system uses GTX0's parser.

    Your finished note looks like this. (Except I scaled the padding way back because it was taking up too much room)


  • Add some notes in general panels like combat (Like, "Damage should not exceed 30!")

  • Tag specific characters with a description

  • Whatever you want really

  • settingsOptions
    There are 7 Replies

    @Moonray: This should make your old request obsolete and/or improved :)

    Posted October 4th by Xhin

    Remind me which request that was?

    Posted October 4th by Moonray

    The one where you tagged me @Xhin and then IRL went nuts and I couldn't do anything.

    Basically the one where you wanted me to bring back descriptions for characters.

    Posted October 4th by Xhin

    Well no, this is only visible to hosts. Whereas you could render character descriptions in posts, which is where I was using it for specific NPCs.

    Ghost me, go to:
    Then scroll down to the characters to see an example of what I was using it for.

    Posted October 4th by Moonray

    Same with states, which is also used in that example.

    Posted October 4th by Moonray

    Though host notes is a useful thing to have all the same.

    Posted October 4th by Moonray

    (Double post!)

    Edited October 4th by Moonray
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