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Make the thread lock feature also disable editing.
Posted: Posted October 1st by nullfather

Title, with exceptions for mods/admins so they can still edit posts if they need to.

We've had instances where people have continued to communicate in locked threads by editing their posts.

Seems like a blatant oversight.

Request Status: Requested

You Will Never Be One Of Us
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Can you show me some examples?

Posted October 1st by Xhin

How about don't lock threads at all. It's pointless.

Posted October 1st by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

Latest example is the 2D Mario thread where Mufasa edited his reply to respond to me.

I also pointed this out sometime last year when I edited one of my replies in a locked thread.

Posted October 1st by nullfather

I can confirm the ability to edit a reply in a locked thread. I was just able to add the word "testing" to my last reply in that thread that nullfather is referring to.

Edited October 1st by Q

Can confirm do it all the time when a thread is locked.

Posted October 1st by S.o.h.

Soh can you please neck my post in pointless where I summoned you to read and respond to it? I don’t want to derail this post at all. Please message me back on pointless ASAP, thank you.

Posted October 2nd by Weid man
Weid man


Edited October 5th by Xhin


(Small do I lock threads?)

Posted October 5th by nullfather

1. Click back to Index

2. This will teleport you to the index page with the thread highlighted.

3. Click the area around the checkbox (don't click the checkbox)

4. Click "Lock" in the menu that pops up

This is a stupid way to do it. I should fix that.

Posted October 5th by Xhin
Reply to: Make the thread lock feature also disable editing.

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