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Items that go to limbo are deleted if they are clones.
Posted: Posted September 18th by Xhin

This deserves its own thread because there's a very slight chance that it might break things.

Just to clarify:

  • Limbo -- where items go when they've been "used" by various means like Crafting, Drinking potions, ammo box reloading, machine transformation, etc.

  • Clones -- items that have some kind of "prototype" item that they borrow the names, descriptions and properties from. These are created through Mines and various events in my games a lot.

    Basically, once items have been used or sent to limbo for some other reason, they are now deleted if they're clones.

    This should HEAVILY declutter the items list in active games, which has been a problem for a while.

    Note that if your limbo system is set to "scatter" it will scatter to a random room and won't be deleted.

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    Posted September 18th by Xhin
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