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NIFE: Crop Mutations notes
Posted: Posted September 15th, 2017 by Xhin

This plugin would extend the Crops plugin and add "mutations" which are random variations in the crop and its product.

It would also introduce a "Breeding" action.


Each Crop species would gain a "Variation" property. This is the percent chance of a mutation happening when you plant one of its seeds.

Mutations can affect the following things:

  • Crop properties such as seed min, harvest max, or the variation property itself.

  • The values of the properties of the harvested product.

  • Possibly: Numerical values of events attached to the product

  • Possibly: product Status effect times

    Let's say you have a Nail Plant. It gives you 1-2 seeds and 1 harvest each time you harvest it. It takes 24 hours for it to regrow. When harvested, it gives you Nails, which are an item that is an ammo box that adds 5 nails to Nail guns.

    Now, it has a Variation of 5. So there's a 5% chance that you might have a plant that does any one of these things:

  • Gives you 2 seeds
  • Gives you 1-3 seeds
  • Gives you 0 harvests

  • When harvested, gives you a superior Nails item that adds 6 nails to Nail guns.

    When you have a mutation occur, you get a message about that, and you get to name the new species and probably the new product too.


    Crops can also have a "Scatter" property, which determines *how many* mutations they will have when they do mutate. A Scatter of 1 is the above (and also the absolute minimum), whereas, for example, a Scatter of 3 means when it mutates three different properties will change.


    Lets say you've been doing some farming, and you now have two different strains:

  • Fast nails -- Gives 1 harvest, only takes 18 hours until harvest,

  • Juicy nails -- Gives you 2-3 harvests, takes 24 hours until harvest.

    You can take a seed from each and cross-breed them into two new seeds. These seeds themselves won't mutate. Each seed can be one of the following:

  • Gives 1 harvest, takes 24 hours until harvest
  • Gives 2-3 harvests, takes 18 hours until harvest

    If there are a bunch of differences between the two, then there are more possibilities, but you'll always get half or close to half of the mutations from each parent.


    In the Mutations CP, you'll be able to adjust *how much* of each property a mutation might change, for example:

  • Seed min: 1-2 -- a plant with seed min of 3 might become 2 or 4 or 1 or 5. It means that the seed min property changes either by 1 or by 2.

  • Ammo: 1 -- means that the ammo property might go up or down by one when the plant mutates.

    You can also set hard maximums and minimums so that the plant can never mutate past that point:

  • Ammo MIN: 1 -- means that the ammo property will always be one or higher.

  • Seed min MAX: 5 -- means that the plant's seed min will never be more than five.

    You can also disable properties from mutating:

  • Potion id: DISABLE -- means that the Potion id property of the product will never mutate.

    Rules can be set on a global basis for all plants, or possibly for individual plant species.


    This is probably its own plugin.

    This plugin allows you to alter the soil a seed is planted in. Two things are definitely supported:

  • Stable soil -- the plant won't mutate in this soil at all.

  • Radioactive soil -- the plant has a very high chance of mutating in this soil.

    Soil can also alter the Rules section above. Maybe some things aren't disabled anymore, or minimum and/or maximum values are higher.

    Soil can also boost intrinsic plant properties. Maybe "Fertile Soil" always increases the harvest by 1 regardless of what's planted in it.

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    There are 1 Replies

    @Moonray: idk if you're interested in this. The Crops thing is kinda something I want to do for some upcoming super-longterm NIFE games.

    Also since this is part of the Alchemy category of plugins, it's a low-priority v6 or v7 feature.

    Posted September 15th, 2017 by Xhin
    Fractal icious
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