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Who are your highest leveled characters in Hyrule Warriors?
Posted: Posted September 12th, 2017 by Giga Bytes7

I've been playing as Ruto and Twili Midna so often (I love their Tidal Wave and cannon blast attacks) their levels have gone up high enough for Hard Mode to not be a challenge. (Hero Mode on the other hand is still pretty tough even for Ruto when she was Level 136 AND with the Water Dragon Scale, I played the Palace of Twilight there, barely beat it)

I just played through every level on Hard Mode as Ruto and she's Level 152 now. (apparently the maximum level has been updated to 255)

Now I've been repeatedly playing the last two levels as Twili Midna, and she's about Level 130, I think, I level twice on each of those levels. (Twili Midna is really good at fighting enemies that do that sort of forcefield thing coz she can attack while out of range of them)

Been using the Rupees to level up Midna and Ghirahim

I can't wait to try any level on Easy Mode as Ruto or Twili Midna now they're way overpowered

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