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"I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out."

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Did anyone else forget football started today?
Posted: Posted September 7th by Jahoy Hoy

Because I sure did.

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I did as well until my mom told me that the chiefs were playing the pats and I watched the last five minutes of the game and the pats got wrecked hard than. Beady was very stupid on the second to last drive of the game throwing Brett farce-like Hail Mary long bomb passes when he had plenty of time to score a needed touchdown, albeit he would have two go for two in order two time the game two, but they didn't pick up a first down so they had to punt it but the defense couldn't hold on and gave up another touchdown, so that basically iced it right there maa omg the game was over then.

Life has meaning now that pats lost at home on the opening game of the season, without Edelman for the entire duration this year, so I actually care for the NFL now even though my home team is gone now and most likely won't return because Spanos can't run the team well down here and we never rebuilt them either.

Posted September 8th by Weid man
Weid man
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