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NIFE v5, v6, v7 Checklist IV
Posted: Posted August 30th
Edited September 17th by Xhin

Basically just added things and updated some notes statuses here.

NIFE v5 Features (RPG Update)

  • Quests Plugin -- Pretty much done

  • Skills Plugin -- In progress

  • bottles and mine extension for dipping -- Ready to program

  • Sorcery Allow machines to have targets -- Ready to program

  • Light sources -- Ready to program

  • Key tiers via Lock Level -- some concept work done

  • Lockpicking/Steal skill/other stuff? -- some concept work done

  • Armor Plugin (aka Boosters++) -- WIP NOTES

  • Cursed/Unknown/Identify items -- Ready to program (( But needs me to work with Equipment again first ))

    NIFE v6 (Interface Update)

  • Better Journals -- Ready to program.

  • Notebooks plugin (for journals, crafting, etc) -- WIP NOTES

  • Profile: handle plugin-dependent traits/stats better

  • The Grid: Backgrounds & icons -- WIP NOTES

  • Maps and Map Overlays (Needs the above update)

  • The Grid: Movement

  • Conversations Upgrade -- Some concept work done

  • Squads Plugin

  • Custom Inventory setup (&& optional item images somewhere in here too)

  • Character Creation

  • Combat Upgrade -- some notes done

  • Game Instancing -- some notes done

    NIFE v7 (Random Generation Update)

  • Genesis Megaplugin -- WIP Notes

  • Mandelbrot -- WIP Notes

  • Homesteading Megaplugin -- WIP Notes

  • Climate Plugin / integrates into Conditions heavily -- lower priority

  • Alchemy -- lower priority

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