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NIFE: Better Combat Notes
Posted: Posted August 24th, 2017 by Xhin

Still a long way off, not a huge priority by any means, but higher than other non-rpg v5 stuff probably.

This update would heavily alter the way combat in NIFE works, at least for some cases.

Engagement changes

Engagements can have multiple characters, not just two. They take turns according to a new Speed stat.

Players can join engagements that other players are in. As can NPC's in the room (somehow).

Engagements can be LIVE, which means all players in the engagement are active and things happen in real-time via a new interface. If there's only one player (like against NPC's), then it's pretty guaranteed to stay LIVE.

The player that starts an engagement can lock it so other players can't get in and mess up the LIVE status. Or maybe can kick non-hostile players out or something.

Enemy strategy

Upgrades the strategy system so the Host can set specific moves and the order that an enemy uses them or the conditions by which they do (based on the Conditions system).

Block / Evasion

Moves can optionally have Defenses attached to them, which are choices the defending player can make to evade or lessen damage that enemies deal. Choices can also maybe hurt the player worse or have other consequences.

Weapon Techniques

Based on the type of weapon (Category? a Class?), there can be "techniques" attached to it which basically allow a weapon to function as several different weapons depending on which technique you pick. Techniques are Host-set.

Another possibility is having enemies be able to block, absorb, or lessen damage from various techniques or other consequences.

As an example, let's say you set Swords to have Slash, Stab and Hit techniques:

Slash -- +0 attack
Stab -- +5 attack, can't defend next attack
Hit -- 0 attack, 75% chance to stun foe

Then when a player attacks an enemy with a Sunblade, they get to pick the technique they use with the sword and it alters what it does accordingly.

You can also set enemies to, for example, get damage halved if Stab is used against them, or be immune to Hit attacks.

New Interface

All of this is possible through a new interface that's completely real-time. Enemies literally take their turns while you're sitting there, and other player actions in the engagement are reflected accordingly.

You will be able to just sit there and click things for whatever you want -- battle stuff will be included as well as some useful other actions like flinging/drinking potions and maybe changing your equipment.

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Posted August 24th, 2017 by Xhin
Fractal icious
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