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Sign up for NIFE: Superpowers (game is actually done)
Posted: Posted August 23rd, 2017 by Xhin
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This game is actually 100% done and 100% tested, but I'd still like to wait a few days or so so that interested parties can all be around at the same time when it launches.

This is the first game that will actually test out a bunch of new NIFE systems and is kind of in the style I'll be building new automatic games from moving forwards -- read signs, interact with machines, mine mines, etc. It also uses the new interface and the crafting system.

How the game works

The game is 90% automatic and 10% manual (just to make it more interesting / last longer).

Automatic gameplay

  • Wander around the game's 10 rooms interacting with things

  • Get the four (elements)

  • Pay attention to the things you're exploring and solve puzzles to get four more secret (elements).

  • Once you have weapons (see below), use them to automatically attack other players via the Sparring System.

    Manual gameplay

    You get (2) manual actions per round, and each round is 48 hours long.

  • Use the (elements) you have to interact with the environment and fashion weapons for yourself or upgrade/modify existing weapons.

    As an example, suppose you're in the mountains and you see a volcano. You have the (Fire) element, which lets you work with magma, so you use a manual action to:

    Use (Fire) to fashion a spear made out of magma

    When the round ends, I'll create that weapon for you and put it in your inventory. You can then use that to automatically attack other players without being reliant on me to handle combat.

    Then maybe you see some rocks so you use the (Earth) element to:

    Buff magma spear's damage by melting rocks into it via (Earth)

    At the end of the round, I'll add more attack power to your weapon.

    Goal of the game

  • be the last player standing.

    Sign up for the game

    The game is on a different signup system. So instead of posting below, use this form:
    You should use this post for questions about the game and such.

    My plan is to launch the game this Saturday at 6pm EST, though if there's not much interest by then I'll delay it to next Wednesday at 6pm EST. I'd like to get non-GTers involved in the game as well.

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