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Calling all frogs
Posted: Posted August 11th by King Frog


--dna sevlesruo rof murof siht mialc niaga ecno nac ew taht os yadot rehtegot gnimoc era ew ,tneserp dna tsap sgorf lla fo gnirehtag a si siht
This post sings "thaaat's a moonraaay", (everything it does is a balloon), fell from the tower of babel, was nuked by russia, has been reversed
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I'm here

Posted August 11th by SLIPPY

Posted August 11th by Frog

Me too.

Posted August 11th by Frog Forever
Frog Forever

fellow brothers and sisters we have been attacked

we will make our enemies croak!

Edited August 11th by King Frog
King Frog

Posted August 11th by King Frog
King Frog
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