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Searching for reliable email client
Posted: Posted August 9th by Vandy

I've been trying to find a reliable email client for months that can effectively sync with my gmail account and my school account so I don't have to deal with logging in to each one to check them.

I started out just using the Mail app that was on my Windows 10 laptop, which worked briefly but it eventually lost sync with my school account for unknown reasons (I fiddled with it for weeks, resetting passwords, etc but it never would work.

I then moved on to eM Client. This one seemed to work well after having a hard time initially setting up, but after a few weeks it began showing sync issues with both of my accounts. Again, none of my credential issues changed. It just somehow lost sync with both? Sometimes I could briefly "repair" this issue and would get emails again for a while by it would eventually lose sync again.

Last night I uninstalled eM and tried Thunderbird since I'm also a Firefox user and like the browser. It synced up with my school account with no issues, but refused to accept my gmail credentials. I spent about two hours resetting my gmail info, making sure IMAP and POP settings were enabled (they were), setting up two-step auth, creating app passwords for two-step auth, allowing unsafe apps, clearing some captcha thing, making sure the server settings were correct. But it would not work.

Any ideas? I really liked both eM Client and Thunderbird but I don't understand why these issues with syncing appear with no apparent reason. And the Gmail/Thunderbird thing just baffles me.

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May be worth noting that Aquamail on my Android phone hasn't had any issues with either email account.

Posted August 9th by Vandy

Do you have some version of Microsoft Office so that you could use Outlook? It never given me problems with my school email or my gmail.

Posted August 9th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

I do through the school. I was under the impression that I had to pay for Outlook though. I can try that when I get home.

Posted August 9th by Vandy

Got Thunderbird working. Apparently I was supposed to leave the password field blank and hit "done" and then a google box popped up to log in that way and authorize TB to access my mail. Weird that they give no indication you should leave the password field blank.

In any case, I'm glad to have a mail client working.

Posted August 10th by Vandy
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