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NIFE Pre-advertising Checklist
Posted: Posted August 5th
Edited August 6th by Xhin

Just a list of things I still need to do to get this thing ready for advertising. The engine itself is basically ready but there's still some polishing tasks that need to be done, as well as a few miscellaneous tasks.

UX tasks

  • Quickstart guides, depending on the advertising campaign

  • Also have a separate page for viewing these, depending on whether I want to advertise the host panel directly or from inside the help file.

    Help Tasks

  • Add help for all NIFE panels (might take a while) -- Can do with a job

    Misc Tasks

  • Add a deployment checklist for myself so there isn't missing UX functionality every time I add new features. -- Can do with a job

  • Continue building advertising campaigns, throwing stuff on this list as needed.

  • Re-integrate "Add to Journal" links with the new system.

  • Have a "short description" and create an active games list and maybe also a categorization system for new games

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